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Marketability (Adj.) – (pronounced -marketable) – An individuals or groups ability to appeal target/audience based on creative elements and qualitative inputs; "more creative you are the merrier". Thus primarily focusing to grab attention and give them a reason to admire and try.
"How on earth, LinkedIn Dominator can help me?"

Well here’s your answer, its exclusivity and audience oriented feature makes it the popular amongst all. LinkedIn Dominator is a proclaimed tool that doesn’t restricts your marketability but slams it across every door of opportunity.
Typically, going by the name it dominates every marketing tools and concepts. It is integration of powerful elements to make a brand, its equity and finally the success of a product/service go head to head. It is comprehensive and extremely viable tool for most of the marketers either marketing themselves or their products/services.
Statically, LinkedIn (A social network platform for professionals); is harboring 175 million registered user engulfing over 200 countries with its ever evolving and huge database of professionals from every corner of the world.
To be more enlightening, where Twitter lacks the profile depth, Facebook; present demographically and is cumbersome to scout people, LinkedIn yields your search on LI standardized information, allowing your search to pinpoint the person depending on the attributes you specify(Profile headline, summary, education etc).
Adding new dimensions to your profile, LinkedIn Dominator besides marketing your product(s)/service(s), pulls visitors to your blogs if you have any, spiders your connection you choose to go with either by creating groups or by connecting friends.

Having said it all, why don’t we speak about the “Never cease to amaze tool:
  • Proxy Setting
  • Account Creator
  • Linkedin Scrapper
  • Add Connection
  • Status Update
  • Create Group
  • Join Friends Group
  • Join Search Group
  • Group Update
  • Compose Message

We are sure, a quick synopsis of this tool has gotten your mercury rising, buy it now and see the difference in real. Clear as crystal, get free updates for the rest of your life, drag & absorb visitors and start churning numbers you have been day dreaming.



Melanie Ryan

Very impressive. In fact, brilliant. Your talented team seem to have thought of everything, and how to make so many things so simple.

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Senior Assistant

McClure Joel

I think it is a really powerful piece of software. These features will save me so much time which will add revenue in my pockets.

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