LinkedIn: The name itself represent its meaning that is “linking people”. This social media platform not only connect the business owners with their customers but also help marketers in improving their professional network without spending a single penny. Not only this now the marketers also can endorse their key skills in LinkedIn in order to get more brand visibility & business deals.

What are the importance of “Endorsement”?

Linkedin ad campaign

1- An endorsement is an ideal approach towards sharing your key skills.

2- With better endorsements organizations can easily achieve their marketing objectives along with their potential customers.

3- Not only this, it is also proved to be quite effective towards getting a higher search engine ranking.

How to  increase the endorsements for the skills in LinkedIn with Endorse your profile feature?

LinkedIn Endorsements

This feature enables you to upgrade your LinkedIn profile with endorsing skill sets of the LinkedIn profile of others.

How “Endorse your profile” feature work?

1-At first you have to upload email or user id. You can use the browse option for uploading the id.

2- Then, you have to click on start option in order to start the endorsement.

3- Then in the start campaign using loaded account option, you have to assign the number of endorsement and number of skills according to your requirement.

4- Then in the thread setting you have to assign the number of threads.

Note: You have to enter a numeric value.

5- Next to that delay setting is present which allow you to select the delay time.

6- At last by clicking on the start option you can start the profile endorsement.

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