We all are aware of the LinkedIn mobile app, but how many of us know the efficient use of the LinkedIn app?

Are we seriously taking the advantage of the LinkedIn app provided to us?

We all know the importance of time on LinkedIn very well. So below mentioned are some of the ways which can help you a lot.

Have a look.  

1. Stay connected by checking the notification

Notifications on LinkedIn provides you the quick updates of the daily happenings. This lets you know about your connections’ action. Also, you will get to know that when a relevant content is posted by your connections. Thus we can say that notifications help you to get engaged with the everyday happenings and this can help you reduce your search on the networking events. This is easily done with the LinkedIn app.

2. Try be punctual with the help of Calendars

If you are preparing to go for an interview or a meeting then you are advised to have more knowledge about that company or the person, this will help you make a strong conversation. So synchronize your LinkedIn calendar with the help of LinkedIn app and receive the notification about who’s in the next meeting, no matter whether they are in your connections or not. And after your meeting, the calendar will remind you whether you want to follow that person or not so that you can continue your conversation.

Wanna know how to proceed with this? Then have a look.  

Try be punctual with the help of Calendars

3. Know the importance of group messaging

On of the easiest way to share and spread information quickly is to be active in your group. Well, this is the truth which you all must be knowing. Also, you are allowed to be specific with the people whom you want to direct the message, for this, you can use @ and mention the specific name whom you want to consider.  

Just for your convenience go through this video.

 Know the importance of group messaging

Also, you are allowed to use Siri if you want to send some message. Have a look how it works.

4. Stay updated

Speed up, updates of your Industry news with the help of LinkedIn feed. This can be the destination of your professional content. Just have look on these feeds daily so that you are able to get new ideas and develop gradually your knowledge.

5. Learn new skills

In this busy world, we, all want to be a step ahead of others. For this, learning is the most important weapon. And finding a specific time to learn is not possible. So for this, take the help of LinkedIn Learning and you are able to learn in your own area. Consider the time or place according to your wish and start your learning procedure.  

Professionals courses are available on LinkedIn which will help you to access on different topics like software development, business leadership, technology and much more.

Over to you

For the business world, time matters a lot. We always try to let you know about the efficient use of social media. And hence try to help you so that you are more productive, efficient and successful in the professional world.

So these were some of the advantages using the Linked App which is easily available on your mobile. Be smart, by the use of this LinkedIn mobile app.

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