The very first thing which one should know is that LinkedIn is the social media platform which helps you to first make connections and then get the benefits out of that. When you are new on LinkedIn you might find difficulty in making connections which are not a point to get tensed but only as a starter.

You can make the same if you are serious about your activities on LinkedIn. And it is the most important thing for both the job seekers and the professionals. As a job seeker, you need to get connected with the clients who can help you to explore the new you in you. And for this, you need to make strong connections and presence on LinkedIn. And when it comes to the professionals or clients on LinkedIn they too search for such job seekers who can show full dedication towards the work provided and complete the same within the time limits.

So from the above paras, you might have got an idea about the importance of the making connections on LinkedIn.

So how efficiently one can get that? Well, the world is getting advanced then why not you? Make use of software automation tool and get the results which can bring you a lot of benefits. Now monitor all your activities in your absence.

So what is the automation tool I’m talking about? It is called as LinkedDominator. The software automation which is offered by the DominatorHouse to make all your efforts beneficial and effective.

Features of LinkedDominator

Features of LinkedDominator


1. Add connections

Add Connection

This module helps you to invite users through Emails, keywords and profile URLs. According to your choice, you can select the option and proceed. After you have selected the desired option you need to set the delay and click on start.

And your work will be done according to the delay you choose.

2. Withdraw Request

Withdraw Request

Sometimes, what happens you send the request for making the connection and didn’t get any response. In such cases, you need this option. Firstly, you need to click on the option of get members and choose the members with whom you don’t want to make the connection. If needed you can withdraw all the requests or can select individually. Then you need to set the delay and click on start.


1. Invite members to groups

Invite Members

This module helps you to invite your first connections to join your groups. For this, you can add groups from the input option. From the sent request option you can see the groups for which you have already sent requests. If want to send invitation to more groups then provide the Emails and click on browse. When done set the delay and click on start.

3. Exit groups

Exit Group

This module helps you delete any pending join request groups or exit any group. For this add the group from the option provided. And then can select the option of select all or only the pending groups or any open group. When done click to set delay and then tap on start.

Over to you

Hope I was clear on my words to explain to you how efficiently one can use LinkedIn automation tool for making connections. Not only this, there are more features which can help you to manage your LinkedIn activities.

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