The more we get the more our desire grows, isn’t it true? You may use many of the social networking sites every day in your life. Every social media has the same purpose to use but LinkedIn is a professional social networking site.


Well, it has been estimated that LinkedIn has approximately 433 million users, it must surprise you but this is the fact and 40% are those who check this platform every day. I know most of the career-minded professionals taking this LinkedIn profile management very seriously, but having a profile is not just enough. You need to plan a proper strategy for using LinkedIn which will help you to boost your career and deliver great value to the employer.

Why Link your Business with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been a great source to start a career. You just need to know how to use this social media to its fullest potential. First of all, you need your company presence on the network to get most benefits. And this social media can give you a number of contacts and by your choice, you can make circles and categorize the type of friends.

Here are few reasons of why business to be on LinkedIn.

#1: Attract Best Talent

LinkedIn is the first place where most of the young and top talent searches for work. According to a research, more than 40 million approx. students and college graduate students are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows us to publish job posting, make any news viral any others.


Nowadays students are getting each and every news update by web and LinkedIn let them know about the latest recruitment date, so the reach of a job is easily available for them. This is the time to make a different approach and empower your HR team to search for potential and talented candidates using LinkedIn search.

#2: Enlarge your Network

This is the best platform to grow your network and to build contacts with young talents. To establish your business, you need to make the connection with vendors, co-workers and people who are related to your business anyhow.


You can make use of advanced search option, where you won’t only find the known people but also the connection of your connection. You can maintain the old relationship as well as can grow your network with new peoples.

#3: Benefits by LinkedIn Company Pages

Usually, the LinkedIn company pages were initially shown as landing pages for a brand. Although this is one of the best ways to use social networking site LinkedIn. This platform is growing and becoming the perfect place to raise brand awareness, drive business results, educate and acknowledge the potential customers and promote different career opportunities to people.             


By the help of LinkedIn company pages, you can get huge traffics to your site and provides the way to promote the product and services in a different way. Your LinkedIn company page would provide many marketing opportunities, improve the brand awareness and revenues of your company.


Overall LinkedIn has no such point to make your company loss for. Basically, the business has different modes to run any business but by the help of LinkedIn, you will get no use of owing any strategy. Just make your LinkedIn company page and start doing business right now.

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