The past years have brought about vast changes. It took a  duration for LinkedIn to grow from a tiny professional networking site to a huge world force site. From the beginning itself, LinkedIn has been working hard to make a great B2B success. As millions of professionals are present here for the race to get succeeded. So there must be a way out, isn’t?

And here the answer, Yes, there is a way out. The points to be noticed are:

  1. Join
  2. Be active
  3. Get leads

Well, you may get a failure in your initial leads but in order to succeed you have to surpass every hurdle which will for sure block your ways. But this doesn’t mean that it all happen to make you down but to make you up. You have to put on your own perspective and that too in LinkedIn style.

And in this blog post, I’m going to let you the trusted strategies to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing.


LinkedIn Works

But before we start you need to know a point and that is “LinkedIn works”. It will for sure help you to generate B2B leads. There are businesses who are using social media to generate leads as per the research shows. But have you ever thought how effective are these social media?


LinkedIn Works


LinkedIn Works


From the above image, you can see that not every social media platforms are able to score high when it comes to business. But LinkedIn does.  

And if talk about the numeric value then the below provide graph can give the idea.


Why LinkedIn?


Hope now you are clear about why LinkedIn?

Now let’s just move on to the strategies which I was talking about.


1. Convert your company page in a lead generation page


It is quite obvious that to achieve anything you have to be intentional and the same is required here. As leads never fall for you but you do. And to do the same you have to work.

So what is the trusted way for that? It converts your business page in a lead generation page. This page will be the one which shows all the basic infos and facts regarding your company. But the point is who is interested in that? As your company page is a pipeline which can help you in getting leads.  


So what else you can do to achieve the same? You can structure your page in such a way that it can convert the viewer’s attention to know in deep. For this click through will work the best. Ask them to click on company’s description and recent updates.


Other points to consider here are:


  • An image that can grab attention.
  • Create a compelling and clear pitch for your company’s description.
  • Focus on making recent updates clickable.


2. Create showcase page


To let you know LinkedIn create showcase pages for different companies that can promote brands individually which are the extension of companies.

If you manage to create an attractive showcase page then you can segment the inbound traffic. The basic concept behind any showcase page is lead generation. And as per LinkedIn, it makes sense to create the same if you want to represent your brand. The intention behind creating such pages is to make a long-term relationship with your targeted audience.


Your showcase page should have the ability to deal with customers according to what they want to know.


 Create showcase page

3. Try to use Advanced Search


The above discussion was regarding the inbound techniques which can be used to generate leads but now I would like you to move out and search for your prospective. Use the advanced search option on LinkedIn. There is no need to update your LinkedIn membership as you are having the option of narrowing down your search.


Advanced Search option



And you will get a focused result like this.


Get a focused result

4. Save Searches


Now to make your searches more effective you can save them. This will help you to create highly targeted and specific search. This will help you to stay active in your way of search. And to get the B2B leads you to need to be consistent. You can find the option in the upper right corner.

Save Searches


This will help you to find your saved search directly and also you can set up alerts.


Save Searches


5. Search groups


In the throng of people, it becomes quite difficult to find the right person easily. So to overcome this situation you can use this option. And to make you more sure let me inform you that this group search is not similar to the advanced search. You can narrow your search according to the category, level, and language.

It is recommended to look for the groups with the features:

  • Highly relevant
  • Active
  • Medium size

Then you can start groups.


6. Publish content


If must be confident enough while sharing your content as LinkedIn provides you a great publishing platform. And trust me you will be benefited a lot.




Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views on this blog post. And don’t forget to follow our blog post on LinkedDominator.


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