Are you wishing to write the blog on the trends which are taking place nowadays? Then for sure do that but what is the guarantee that you are receiving the desired engagement of your audiences. Thinking, right?

Then I must say that you are reading the right post because in this post I would let you know that LinkedIn is present there to help you optimize your LinkedIn content.  

Wondering how? Continue your reading and you will get the whole idea in one. Here you will find the ways to optimize your posts and we will also let you know about new tools which tell, who are the one seeing your posts.


1. Try to make your content stand out

Try to make your content stand out

Gathering engagement with your content is no doubt the long way to reach your correct audience.  So to make your publishing platform easier LinkedIn had made enhancements. The enhancements which can grab the reader’s attention.

Additional to the new interface which allows your content to be in front, now you can more easily add, resize and move with the inline videos, images, slides or podcasts. The research has shown that the articles which contain images get more than 94% of total views. Just make sure that you click on the multimedia icon.

2. Try to add Hashtags in your content

Try to add Hashtags in your content

The importance of hashtags is very well known to the world. This is an emphasis technique which will let your content get the visibility. Using hashtags in your post will act as a weapon to our targeted audience, the audience who actually knows the importance of your blog post’s content. For this, you only need to consider the relevant hashtags which can make your search easy.

Using hashtags will let others peep into your content as there they can find the information of their concern. As a result using hashtags will let your post come up as an option to search and will for sure increase your blog post’s engagements.

3. Get the audience insights

LinkedIn has introduced audience demographics which will let you know about the one who is reaching to your content. Being a professional you will get benefits with this new insight. It is termed as Insight on the go. To use this insight feature you have to just click on “Me” from the LinkedIn mobile app which is soon going to be present on desktops  too. By clicking this you will get all the real time insights of your post which you have written and shared. Have a look.

Real time insights of your post

4. Try understand your audience

With this new insight introduced by LinkedIn, you are able to judge your audience better.  As this will let you know about the one who reading or visiting your post and according to their visit you can judge their demand. Wondering how? Just have a look below.

Understand your audience

With such a huge population of about 3 million people publishing their article and millions of them sharing updates, LinkedIn is trying to generate a platform where the professionals can showcase their talent and can build up their voice. With this, new insight LinkedIn is moving forward and looking for our feedback on the same.

Wrapping Words

These were some of the ideas which can for sure help you all to optimize your LinkedIn content. Also, LinkedIn is showing it’s  great participation to turn it into a huge success.

Hope you might have got the idea and will implement the same in your contents. For such latest updates on LinkedIn, you can follow or visit our blog on LinkedDominator. You can also give your suggestion or ideas which can help us to reach your needs in the below comment box.

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