With over 500 million users and 260 million active users, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms. But do you know what else makes LinkedIn more special than the other platforms, it’s just not a social media platform but much more than that. Whether you are a job seeker, recruiter or a B2B marketer, LinkedIn has got a lot to offer.

You might be thinking how can LinkedIn help a b2b marketer in order to get more leads. Well, if you know how to utilize LinkedIn like a pro, you won’t need any clarification to that. 94% of the marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content and that makes LinkedIn the top channel for B2B marketing.

But can you leverage LinkedIn and acquire B2B leads like a pro?

In this guide, I will talk about 9 easy steps that will help you to acquire and nurture your prospects until the moment, they agree to buy from you.

But before we get started, let me introduce you to “Social Selling”.


What is Social Selling?

In simple words, Social Selling is the art of nurturing your prospect with the help of valuable and thoughtful content until the prospect agrees to buy from you.

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When you decide to get up on any social media platform for your business, your target shouldn’t be just promoting your stuff but you need to make people believe in you and your brand. Through Social Selling, you share content for your targeted audience that helps you to develop a relationship with your audience. And once you succeed, your audience starts believing in you and your products.


9 Easy Steps to Help you Boost B2B Leads on LinkedIn-


1. Your Targeted Market

Before you get started, you need to know who your targeted audience is. To start with, create 2-3 buyer personas of your ideal client that includes all the demographics of your targeted audience like age, gender, location, industry, etc.

This will help you in crafting the perfect content, summary and LinkedIn bio. For example, if your services or products are for SMBs, mention and highlight how can your business help them solve a certain problem under a limited budget.


2. The Keywords

This is how most of the social media platforms work, the keywords. Before you get started with anything on LinkedIn, you need to create a set of keywords related to your niche.

When someone searches for any service related to your business, you need to make sure that they reach you as soon as possible and that is exactly why you need keywords. Try to add different keywords to your profile and posts. These keywords will help your ideal clients to reach you.


3. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

There are a lot of things that your profile can convey to your ideal client and you don’t wish to lose that chance, right?

Start from the headline, add your targeted keywords and your current position to it. Have a meaningful summary that conveys about your business and how can you serve your industry needs.


Furthermore, you can also use other fields like endorsements, recommendations and experiences to enhance the chances of getting leads.


4. Create and Share

Once you and your profile are ready, you need to tell people how awesome you and your business is. And here comes quality content as your sword. Create compelling content that allows you to convey, why your services are the best and how can it lit someone’s life up.

When you continuously create valuable and meaningful content related to the needs of your niche, you get a chance to interact with your ideal audience. Use it the fullest and you’ll start acquiring leads in no time.

To understand the needs of your audience, you can either use Quora or can ask your audience only regarding if they have any queries.


5. CTA

Your content is incompatible without a proper CTA. You can’t expect people to do something unless you tell them what to do.

Your CTA is the exact thing that you need here. CTA allows you to let your audience know what should they do next and how to do that.

Your CTA should be either the part of your content or should be at the bottom of it. Be specific about it, don’t confuse your audience, tell they how will your CTA help them in solving their problem.


6. Leverage Targeted Search

One of the best features of LinkedIn is that it allows you to search users based on your preferred criteria.


Simply search users based on your industry, filter it at the maximum levels and connect to those who can be your future lead.


7. Build Relationships with Future Prospects

The whole point of any social media platform is to build relationships. These relationships can your secret sauce for generating more leads.

Don’t just send connection requests but rather leverage the “Personalized Invite”. If you simply send a connection request, you might end up getting ignored. Moreover, don’t be a promotional jerk and just send a sweet invite.


8. Lead Magnets

One of the most popular ways of generating leads through social media platform is by offering something free yet valuable. You lead magnet can be anything that could help your ideal audience. Be an eBook or a simple checklist, create it and promote. This will help you in building both trust and relationship and finally acquiring potential leads. You can also add CTAs in your lead magnet and get more potential leads.


9. Continue Helping

You have got the mantra and now you need to continue chanting it. Don’t think that there is an endpoint if you wish to continue acquiring and nurturing leads.

Be there whenever your audience needs you and stay connected with them through your content.



You can look out for a marketer who can help you generate more leads from LinkedIn but what I believe is it’s better to try it yourself. You can also try out some great tools to boost your engagements on LinkedIn and generate more leads, one of my favourite tools is LinkedDominator. You can handle multiple accounts from a single dashboard, search target customers and send them an invitation through an email you can even send messages to your first connections with a single click.

These 9 steps and LinkedDominator will help you in acquiring and nurturing B2B leads on LinkedIn as much as possible without any pro-level skills. Just remember that the key is “Building Relationships”.

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