knowing all the data about your business, identifying what content to be published and in what format it should be delivered 一 it will always be a mix of art and science. However, some new trends in content marketing that will help you to increase your market on LinkedIn and engage your followers with your post.

In this article, I will let you know some tips which will help you to increase engagement with your content on LinkedIn.

keep your Product Description Short

Whenever you make the description about your business it should be <70 characters. Always keep in mind if your description exceeds more than 100 words then it will be shortened when shown on the desktop. Which will affect your increasing rates of the market on LinkedIn?

Analyze the Report

Don’t publish news without analyzing them. Because you have to gain the attention of people for that news. So while publishing key industry’s news and trends take it further and try to provide key insights, takeaway, and your unique perspective.I wanna show you one example of two company profiles on LinkedIn who are providing value added content to their users.

Analyzing the Report for Market on LinkedIn

3rd Party Research

While writing quality content take time and must be resource intensive. Search for the 3rd party means search content which is already written related to your topic. This will help you to get deep knowledge of your topic. See the pattern in which they have written the content. People loves to read business base content which gives them a crystal clear image of businesses or products. This type of content will help you to increase your market on LinkedIn. For example, in given below figure, two people have written content on same topic “Gartner’s new 2016 Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics” but in a different way.

Third Party Research for Market on LinkedIn

Using Video

Video become the new way of spreading your product or business profile among your followers on LinkedIn. Adding video in your content will make your content more understandable to your users. Make short length video which is related to your content topic.Make the video URL shorter so that it can be shared easily with your followers. The video will help you telling your story in more vivid and will increase your market on LinkedIn.

Using Video for Market on LinkedIn

People are Also Professionals

While it’s generally a powerful methodology to plan to make content that explains your gatherings of people’s business challenges, remember that they are additional individuals as well. Human interest stories can be an incredible approach to set up your image in a drawing in, less clear way, and in addition, enhance the sort of substance you are published. For example, VISA tells the story of a swimmer who becomes two-time world champion in swimming.

News to so Some one Sucess for Market on LinkedIn

Using Images

Add image in a creative manner in your post. Use images which are related to your post and must be catchy. People loves to see content which having a quality image. Insert your image according to the policy of LinkedIn. So that it will look good on your LinkedIn profile page.


LinkedIn is a B2B marketing platform for business. So you have to be more creative with your marketing strategy. Following above tips will help you to make quality content on LinkedIn and will also increase your market on Linkedin.
Let’s us know your view about above tips for quality content on LinkedIn by writing your comment in the given below comment box.

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