Are you a B2B marketing? Did you choose LinkedIn as a platform to continue with your B2B marketing ventures? Have you considered using Linkedin Groups to get the most for your business?

It’s a dependable fact that LinkedIn is an important online social networking stage for B2B marketing professionals. As indicated in various expert over 91 percent of business entrepreneurs consider LinkedIn as the best platform as far as reaching the target audience and achieving their intended goal is concerned.

Various generated reports also give a clear depiction that around 79% B2B marketers have considered Linkedin as an effective resource to generate new leads.

Talking of LinkedIn Groups either cooperation and proprietorship -wholly and solely acts as a breeding ground for professional ideas. Hence can be a piece of the blend of when it relates to B2B social marketing and showcasing.

How LinkedIn Groups Outline Your Business?

LinkedIn groups consists of greater amount of networking because it turns out to be a forum where audience forms different industrial circumstances discuss existent issues relating to the workplace, if you choose to start group to upturn conversation then there is need to hire an admin or moderator in order to maintain quick responses and to manage the page in order to increase posts. It is better to maintain 80% of posts with industry related topics and the rest you can focus on your business offerings. Basically, groups allow the company to generate huge leads in no time.

However managing several LinkedI groups at a time can be a cumbersome task. Thus leveraging a LinkedIn automation tool becomes necessary for smoothing marketing activities. In that case, one can easily opt for LinkedDominator- an amazing LinkedIn Marketing tool. In this blog, we will take a look at certain benefits of Linkeddominator provides its users while maintaining LinkedIn Groups for B2B marketing purposes.

LinkedDominator Features For Linked Groups Management:

#Feature 1: Message group member

It is one of the effective features where one can send the message to all your group members with few clicks. You can easily get all the details of group members with ease. You can make your messages active by using options like the name tag and spin texts. Users can also import their selective members in order to send messages.

Message Module

Feature 2: Invite Friends To Join Your Group

You can simply invite several friends to join your multiple groups, can get the list of all your friends you desire to add, and add them very easily. Moreover, check the delay setting in order to make your task perfect.

Invite Members


Thus in order to manage your LinkiedIn groups efficiently, you can simply use LinkedDominator which offers an open source LinkedIn solution for your B2B marketing progress. As you already know that it enables you to join, message, and create groups, there are also various features that one can avail for simplifying their LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Hopefully, the information seemed beneficial, as all the above-mentioned information will surely allow you to enhance your B2B marketing strategy for LinkedIn. If you need some more information do keep me posted with your comments and queries via the comment section.


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