Hello, friends. You might have read a number of the blog post regarding LinkedIn Marketing. I am present here with the same concept of LinkedIn Marketing but little bit connected to its solutions means it is about LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

In this blog, I would like to inform you about the latest technique for content marketing which was found in China. This is the country which has opportunities for U.S. marketers but as we know every emerging with something new, has a number of challenges.

For the further approach, I would like to inform you about few things which are the new approach towards content marketing.

Your brand needs to be promoted in the eye-catching ways

As per today’s requirement we all need to consider the way of promoting new products to the market. No matter what actually it is, the matter is only the way of promotion. I would like to take the example of China. It would be interesting to know how fascinatingly LinkedIn China has market Chitu. It is nothing much knowledgeable but still the view count was near to 600,000 viewers. No matter it make sense or not to us, but they know how to position their brands and in what way they can appeal audience views.


Why not use the same technique of promotion to engulf attention. These things are better done in foreign then why not in India. As we are present here to learn from each other. Then let’s start the same from now you are willing to attract the crowd towards you.

Need of QR Codes

QR codes are the codes which are very popular in China. As you know, that is the country surrounded by gadgets. They try to prefer the best to spread their being. As you know the application like WeChat was discovered by Chinese only. They are always ready to explore new things now and then. I am here to inform you about the one that is QR Codes. These codes were used by the U.S. marketers and they found it very effective. There the customers are freer to use their mobile for the marketing purpose. As the transaction speed through QR Codes are efficiently high. There the customer can link their WeChat account with their bank account, then from there, they can scan QR Codes to make any kind of purchase.


So why can’t we do the same for our benefits? The purpose for siting these example is simple, that is to be more professional in this competitive world.

Connecting through Social Media

For China, the most commonly used site is WeChat. As I considered the example of China in my above blog, let me inform about the same to you. In China, they have more than 1.1 billion users of WeChat, with 570 million of active users every day.


The same thing can be done by us too. Why not we use our official Social Networking sites as the main pipeline to gain engagement and consider the same for the growth. If they are being benefited then for sure we can also be benefited.

Regular advertising

As we all are well known for the purpose of advertisement. This is the most popular way to get connected with the world. This need to be very impressive so that it can divert the traffic towards your product.


If this is used efficiently soon can get the attention which we desire.


With these ideas, I would like to conclude my blog. Hope these can help you a lot in gaining the audience towards you. As these were the latest ideas which are prevailing nowadays in China. Then we can try the same here.

If you find my blog informatics then sure you can use the comment box below and share your views in the same regard. Hope, I can help you further on this. For sure try these approaches and share your experience.   


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