We all are quite aware of the importance of LinkedIn for business. There is no doubt that businesses are getting the advantage of this social media platform if are used effectively. The main motto to use this platform is to bring engagement for the business purpose. Apart from this LinkedIn is always trying to enhance its features and usability for its users.   

For example, recently it has introduced the desktop re-design which has omitted some of the features which people were using which include the ability to search in Groups and the advanced search parameters.  

Most of these next-level functions have been shifted towards the premium sales navigator platform. But the good news is that one the feature which was omitted is now reintroduced. Yes, the saved searches feature is back for both the non-paying and paying users. It has also added the range of new search qualifiers which is used to refine your results.

The search is made normally, for first, you will conduct a normal search. And once your result is loaded, just go to the ‘People’ option. You will find people listing and there you will have the ‘Saved Searches’ option.      


LinkedIn saved search


The moment you will click on the option you’ll get a new option which will help you to set up search alerts. This search alert will send you an automated notification which will let you know about the new profiles which will match your query is inserted.


LinkedIn saved search
And once you set up the alert, this search will be added to your list of Saved Searches.


LinkedIn saved search


The additional point which is to be noted here is that you cannot rename your saved searches as it was used to be. You can manage each query and notification from the option of ‘Manage’ which you will find in the Saved Searches box.  

LinkedIn saved search

Now you might be thinking that then why this feature was removed? Well, this to has some reason.




As per LinkedIn is considered it has confirmed us that this feature was ‘temporarily unavailable’. It was been taken away as it was more an oversight in the transition to the experience of a new desktop. Moreover, users can enjoy some of the previous functions such as, to search names and etc, when they will be re-added in future.

Also, saved searches are not used by everyone present on LinkedIn but no doubt it is a handy tool for those who use it. It adds value references for them. As we all know that having some reference is always acceptable and is helpful. So it provides you the same.

And if you haven’t used this feature ever before then I would suggest you, this is the time when you can use them and see what they are offering you in return. You are allowed to set up alerts for new employees who belong to your field, those who are moving in the new positions, etc.


Over to you

You can find a wide field of possibilities and it worth nothing to test them. Just go for this option and see what else you can get in return.

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views on this blog post via a comment and feel free to put forward your queries, if any. We would love to answer them.


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