You may have noticed that LinkedIn messaging services have shown an update recently which enable you (If you are among 300 million users of LinkedIn) to share GIF’s and Emoji. This is also a great step of Twitter marketing strategies.

Other social media services were providing such features and also working on more and more updates to encroach on the users of social networking gradually. Some of the features like Facebook messenger and chat threads which already providing services of sharing GIF via messages to the users, apparently looking at this LinkedIn thought regarding this too.

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This features may put many into the question that what is the reason of providing with such ability to the users. With the changing time, the manner of professional communication has also been evolved. Not only professionals but even LinkedIn users are able to communicate across the international market with the latest manner of communication.

Part of the Twitter marketing strategies, this feature has also been changed in respect of layout. Now visually this is resemble to the facebook messenger with a side pane including name of the contact clicking on which will opens up a new window which display the last few lines of the conversation which accompanied by more features like write new messages, attach documents and photos and also enabled with inclusion of stickers, GIFs, emoji and emoticons. Few of them were created my Twitter itself and the remaining were done by Riffsy as a courtesy of partner.


Along with the Ios, Android and web version of this feature which was very nicely designed, it’s mobile version is also very nicely crafted. Similar to PC version this is also very clean and un-crumbled. In the mobile version, it has been designed to fit the small screen or you can say this has been optimised for mobile phones. If you tap on the icon of messages which was visible on the home screen will direct you to a single pane where you can get a glance of all the conversations. From here you can select the conversation from where you will be directed to another screen which was entirely occupied with the conversation which was selected by you.

Tihs features can be used by the professionals to communicate to the business houses and employer and vice versa. The reverse trend which include employers to communicate to the professionals regarding searching the right person or the job and using such people for their companies is not the that much easy task. The business houses use scrappers for that where with the help of such scrappers they scrap the data of right users which will be perfect for their companies. One of the best in this market is LinkedDominator, this scrapper will scrap the users from LinkedIn who will be fit for your business. LinkedDominator is designed in such a manner that it adopts all the latest features of LinkedIn.

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