In this age, most of the multinational companies sales have been beaten by the upcoming startups who have taken the world of business by storm with their unmatched quality and their most convenient products. In most cases there have been situations where the owners of most of the startups have marketed their business using the popular social networking site like LinkedIn. Now most rookie entrepreneurs have used to LinkedIn as their ultimate tool to get their business recognized just in a nick of time, the rookie entrepreneurs have worked really hard over the years to achieve to this state, there’s a tool also which can help you achieve all this and that is called LinkedDominator.

The linkeddominator has various features which is designed to cater the needs of the startup owners:

  • Account module: Does the job of adding, deleting and checking the status of multiple accounts. In short it manages all the activities which are related to account.

Account Manager

  • Connection Module: It does the job of adding, deleting and exporting various types of connections in LinkedIn

Add Connection


Withdraw Request

  • Group Module: Does the job of adding and deleting members in a certain group.

Invite Members

  • Message Module: Does the job of composing the message and posting the message to a particular group

Message Module

  • Scraper Module: Does the job of scraping different types of data about the company, employees and their LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn Scraper

  • Profiling Module: Does the job of endorsing particular skills by uploading the user id’s and usernames in a specific format.

Profile Endorsment

Mostly LinkedIn was used only by fresh college graduates to upload their resumes to various companies in earlier times but now LinkedIn is evolved to be in such a way that it has established itself to cater rookie startup owners to promote their businesses. There are over 450 million followers in the world on LinkedIn and four million companies have even setup their business in LinkedIn itself. This also offers a very innovative strategy which will not only guide you in social media marketing but it also gives you tips about marketing inbound also.

Most of the entrepreneurs have followed a very important principle in marketing, these principles helped them to know the difference between do’s and don’t’s while marketing in LinkedIn.

  • Write only for that audience for whom you desire to write for, meaning, write the content about what your business is all about, don’t use any of the crowd puller techniques to attract the customers.
  • Educate your customer when you intend to sell the product to him.
  • Connect your various posts to the site.
  • Post only once a week rather than posting all the posts at the same time.
  • Connect different links in the same page for attracting more users.
  • Link between different websites to attain more traffic.
  • Try to stay in touch with the customers.
  • Try to write various posts of guests to get more users.
  • Maintain a good rapport with the customers.
  • Attract more people for the subscription
  • Collect more leads connecting the web page.
  • Present while the customer is online is a must.

Here are the list of some entrepreneurs who have used LinkedIn to market their brand and establish a name in the competitive world of business:

  • Michael Bremmer, CEO of He posted most of the posts in LinkedIn and these posts gave him a new leap in social media and generating more sales. This idea became successful in such a way that his interview was conducted by LinkedIn itself.

  • Sam Shank, CEO and co-founder of Sam influenced a lot of individuals with his posts and is part of 200 publishers on LinkedIn. Most of his posts have garnered more than a million viewers in his page, he follows only two principles to get the job done that is, be authentic and write only for the audience.

  • Jeff Corbin, CEO of APPrise: A startup based in New York City posts various blogs on the LinkedIn page for promoting their startup. Most of his posts have received mostly 100 views and so on. But there are more than 1300 subscribers to his page who have liked his posts. The page view is increased by 30% when a new content is posted.

  • Edda Collins Coleman, CEO of 316 group: Her startup is based in Arlington county in Virginia, most of her PR relations are all done in LinkedIn itself. With the help of LinkedIn she has managed to establish new businesses and connections.
  • Lauren Greutman, Co-founder of The Frugal Living Expert: She has been active on both LinkedIn as well as Twitter but she preferably uses LinkedIn so as to maintain PR relations


For all new age startup owners, I’m wishing you best of luck for your new ventures and innovations. Using LinkedIn for marketing can be pretty helpful for all you newbies out there.


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