When Hubspot reports that LinkedIn is 277% more efficient at generating leads than either Twitter or Facebook – it’s time to ask yourself whether you’re utilizing this marketing tool to its maximum potential?

LinkedIn is widely regarded as a great tool in regard to networking with colleagues or recruiting potential employees, however, if you’re not utilizing it to connect with your current customer base and potential new customers – you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

LinkedIn has transformed the way over 364 million users connect with each other, making it an incredibly valuable resource for everyone, especially B2B companies.

Almost universally perceived as more professional than Twitter or Facebook, a LinkedIn Company Page enables you to engage existing and potential customers, promote your range of services or products, and conduct a range of market research.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn’s own market research suggests that over 90% of their users trust the site’s information and use it to influence their decision-making – and that’s a great percentage considering there are over 3 million Company Pages.

Drive more sales

LinkedIn is a very influential tool to swiftly find out the potential customers and also the people one have in mutual with them. In simpler words, it’s a superb help to receive more recommendations. Yet, there are many people who are unaware of the possibilities that LinkedIn offers.

For getting better results, the 2 crucial things is to:

  • Build the base of your network, and

  • Clearly define your targeted customers and decision makers.

There are also lots of ways to enhance your marketing via LinkedIn, here are few of them:


Engage existing and potential new customers by sharing updates, articles, blogs, links, videos or photos. Existing customers can see your posts on their news feeds, as well as your page, and they can then share your posts with their network.

Catchy Headlines or One-liners

Catchy Headlines or One-liners

Catch the attention of your network by posting a catchy headline or a one-liner that sums up an engaging article that it’s linked to.

Share News Stories, Articles or Blogs

If you like an article, there’s a fair chance some or all of your customers will, too – so engage them by sharing the article with them.

App Sharing

App Sharing

Apps have become increasingly popular so if you find one that you think will make your customers lives better or easier – let them know about it.

Showcase Pages

LinkedIn allows you to have 10 showcase pages, where you can showcase your products and services. These enable you to create greater visibility for your services and products and allow customers to easily follow the specific services or products they’re most interested in. Alternatively, use the pages to highlight any great charity work you or your employees may be undertaking, or similar company initiatives.

Groups and Discussions

There are many established groups and forums on LinkedIn, with new ones springing up all the time. Join ones with whom your company shares common interests and goals and join in the discussions; making appropriate contributions in order to draw attention to your company.

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