LinkedIn the social networking site which is well known for the professionals and Business professionals for generating leads for their business. Have a look.

Lead Generation

By examining the above graph you can get the crystal clear view that if you want to generate leads for your business then LinkedIn can help you in the best possible way.

Are you the one who is searching for the way to create your company page on a social networking site? Then I must say that LinkedIn is the best option to opt. Yes, LinkedIn is providing you the option to create your company page.

Let’s discuss how?

Step by step description to create company page

Step 1

Create your LinkedIn account and from there click on Interest.


By clicking on interests you will find options of interests. According to your interest, you can choose the option, as I had mentioned about creating business page choose companies.

Step 2

By clicking on companies you will find this page where you will get the option of creating a company page.

Create a company page

Step 3

After you click on create you will find this page where you have to mention your company name and your Email address.

Add a Company

Then you need to click on the verification statement and continue and your page is created.

Also, if you need to add connections to your profile then can do that as LinkedIn is providing you the option. Have a look.

Step by step description to add connections

Step 1

Firstly, click on my network, there you will find the option for connections. Click on that.

Add Connection

Step 2

Then choose the option for add connections.

Click on add connections

Step 3

Then mention the Email Id of the one whom you want to add in your connection and click on continue.

Mention Email Id

Doing this LinkedIn will help you to suggest the relevant connections which can make your search and browsing experience easy. Also, LinkedIn can send Emails to your connections with your permission as per the policy.   

Also, you can opt for the option to find alumni. See how.

Find Alumni

Step 1

Click on the option of my network and you will find the option of find alumni.

Find Alumni

Step 2

After clicking on the find alumni you will find this page.

For Alumni

In this page, you need to mention all the mandatory information which is asked and click on add to the profile. By performing this action you can get to know what your classmates and other alumni are doing. This can help you to build up your business graph.   

This is how you LinkedIn can help you. Also, if you need to get the best result which you are wishing to get then can use the automation tool. This kind of tools is specially designed to get you benefited. If my suggestion is required then I may suggest you for LinkedDominator. This dominator can help in the best possible way to generate you the leads for your business.

For you convenience, I will discuss few of its features.


1. You are able to manage multiple accounts

If you are having multiple accounts then can manage them all from the same place.

Account Manager

This module will help you add or delete your accounts. You are able to add multiple accounts or single accounts or delete some from the option provided.

2. Add connections with LinkedDominator

Add Connection

As from the above screenshot, you can find the option to add connections by Emails or by search keywords or by Profile URLs and when done set the delay in seconds and click on start.

Over to you

Following were some of the updated features of LinkedIn which will for sure help every businessperson to build their business graph.

Hope I was clear on my words. I suggest you move on with this you can surely find improvements in your business. For more latest information follow our blog on LinkedDominator.

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