The craze of social media is increasing day by day. Businesses are receiving a great advantage from social media if are following a correct strategy. And LinkedIn which is known for its professionalism is providing a great platform for development. No matter if you are a content writer who is looking forward to publishing his or her article or a  marketer who is wishing to reach its valuable customers, LinkedIn is always a dynamic platform.

Before you proceed towards the social media strategy, it would be good to make you familiar with the LinkedIn demographics. We cannot afford to invest our time as well as resources for the sites of social media which will not help us in achieving our goals. But LinkedIn with a huge users base is providing us a great opportunity to excel. Moreover, I would like to inform that 106 million users are logging in and are engaging with the content which they find on the site. As we all now know that with such a large user count the below mentioned LinkedIn demographics will help you to target your efforts.

Let’s have a look.

1. LinkedIn Gender Demographics


LinkedIn Gender Demographics

LinkedIn is the site which has never discriminated its users according to their gender. However, you can find the presence of male users more than the female users. In accordance with the Expanded Ramblings, about 44% of LinkedIn users are known to be female. In addition to that, Pew Research Centre had found that 25% of internet users (female) are the member of LinkedIn whereas, 26% of internet users (male) are on the site.

2. LinkedIn age Demographics


LinkedIn age Demographics

Age, the word is short by quite important for the marketing field. As the purchasing nature of people vary in accordance with their age. As age changes the buying needs to get changed. So being a concerned businessperson you need to consider which age groups you will focus or target for your business.    

And if you are wishing to focus on the desired users under the age of 30 then, LinkedIn is a good place to start. It is said that almost a quarter of its users are having age group between 18 to 29. This is the age group which is in concern for the marketers because of their stage of life and high purchasing power.

The other age group which is considered here is 30 to 64 years old people. About 61% of the users fall in this group. They are the one with established careers and this is the age group who are at the height of their earning potential and have the most buying potential.   

And further, if you are wishing to target the LinkedIn users who are more mature then 21% of the users are above 65 age. These are the users with the most work experience. The one who can use LinkedIn not to make connections but also seek resources. For the people of this age group has specific needs, they have more leisure time than any other age groups who can take initiation for the brand marketing.

3. LinkedIn Income demographics

LinkedIn Income demographics

Being a marketer, you can find this demographic interesting. In is found that most of the businesses need paying customers to be with them as 44% of the users have incomes over $75,000 which cannot be neglected. And about 75% of users have income over $50,000, this means that you would choose these users to forward your message reach. 50% of B2B buyers are using LinkedIn for purchasing with 76% of users would prefer recommendations from a professional network. You can say that this is the site which is build for social selling. Knowing about the of your target demographic will help you to understand their purchasing habits and their lifestyles. This will help you to build a better business decision.

4. LinkedIn location demographics

LinkedIn location demographics

It is known to all of us that 70% of LinkedIn users are located outside U.S. so you should be planning to target the users beyond the United States. In addition to that, I would like to inform that LinkedIn users are active over 200 countries and territories. For recognizing ways, LinkedIn is the key to your marketing strategy. Once you will get to know about your audience you will be able to understand their needs and requirements.  

Wrapping words

The above-mentioned where some LinkedIn demographics for the social media marketers. Hope you will be able to get an advantage of the same and get an idea of building your business in the most effective way.

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