Is there a way to use LinkedIn for the benefit of your business? Obviously the answer is, just create a Corporate LinkedIn profile and use it the right way! So let us see some useful advice to put into practice one of the best social network business of the moment.

If you have a business or a startup, LinkedIn marketing is for you. With over 250 million users, this social network is the most favored among business tycoons, entrepreneur, professionals because of its ability to develop a substantial network of contacts, you can improve and enhance your online reputation (brand reputation), increase visibility and create new revenue opportunities.

#1. The First Steps to get visibility, retention and engagement

To have a company page on LinkedIn you need to create a personal profile and follow the procedure (service center for driving step to step of the page) that will enable your company to be part of the most important network of social enterprise in the world. But now we move on to some useful advice to put into practice:

#2. Dedicated to Job Recruiting

LinkedIn uses for businesses to expand your workforce and display/contact those accounts that have visited or shown interest in your page. If you want you can also post job ads customized to recruit the best candidates.

#3. Confirmation references and get feedback

Confirming the skills of the members of your professional network will be a strong point in more for you. Will, in fact, create your professional reality a positive and qualified.

Confirmation references and get feedback

#4. Join Groups Report content

Since Company LinkedIn pages allows you to become part of the thematic groups, so why not use this opportunity? Participate in discussions and opinions on topics of interest to your business boosts your knowledge, your market. 

For this purpose, it may be useful to share content, information or that refer with a link to external pages and relevant (such as that of your site or an article). These two “operations” will make your company profile active and interesting, therefore more visible.

#5. Take care of the customers … and your reputation online

A company page become “attractive” if it has good visibility and reputation. The visibility is given by a number of various techniques, among these the very presence on social. In this regard, LinkedIn is an excellent showcase where the professional opinions of your network will make a difference in enhancing brand reputation. 

But do not neglect the customer, the LinkedIn business should always be maintained and updated, taking account of any questions or customer requests to which you should always respond … courtesy and availability are critical.

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