Are you a new startup looking for ways to use LinkedIn for your lead generation needs? How much exactly are you spending for your leads?

When you calculate the time it requires to pull together the cost of hosting software, your free offer and the amount of cash you spend for advertising services, your expenses could be fairly hefty.

Additionally, you’re not really assured that the leads you’re getting are highly-targeted – you’re just happy that at least there’s a name to contact.

Imagine if I told you that this procedure might become easier and wouldn’t backfire?

Approach decision-makers

In every marketing strategy, the key to success is defining a specific target audience, and LinkedIn provides you with an excellent opportunity to produce these leads on a regular basis. Consider it, where else can you have access to more than 332 million decision makers without costing you a cent?

LinkedIn is the sole online tool providing you access to their database of the decision maker in the basic membership level, plus they do this via their advanced search feature.

Are you curious how to get started?

Just go on reading while I clarify this LinkedIn advertising tips in more detail and the ways this general approach works.

How to make use of the “Advanced Search” function to produce leads

The very first step along the way is to perform an “Advanced Search“, which should be highly targeted. Having a free account will help you to look for leads using target keywords, identifying your leads location, filtering your relationship level and picking up to one team.

Make use of this break to drill-down your perfect client as much as you could. Your objective is to discover the prospect whom you’re probably like to do business. Once you input in your parameters, you can produce a search by choosing the search icon at the end.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn Tips: Make sure that you select looking only those whom you’ve 2nd or 3rd contacts group. In this way, you can produce a prospect list that’s outside your first link network.

Based on your checklist results, you can determine if you want to return and make a few changes within the advanced search location. After you have a summary of titles that fulfills the needs of your target audience, just click on the “save search” option in the top right-hand corner.

Well, for your record, LinkedIn has taken it one step ahead by providing Boolean search feature to create highly-targeted outcomes. For all those of you who’re unfamiliar with the Boolean search feature, via the use of “AND”, “OR” & “NOT,” it lets you to produce a far more targeted search results.

For example, if you’re searching for graphic artists or web designers who stay within 100 miles of your neighborhood, LinkedIn can produce a summary of the folks who meet up with the web-designer criteria or who meet up with the graphic designer requirements.

In case you like to filter your search to find out skilled web designers who were also graphic designers, then you definitely might type in the search phrase “web-designer AND graphic artist in order to discover your list.

LinkedIn Tip: while using the Boolean search technology, make sure that you use quotes around the phrases and keywords you’re searching. In this way, you’ll get a search result using the whole keyword or phrase.

Bonus pro-tip: Save as much as 3 saved searches

Since you’ve recognized your target audience, and learn how to drill-down utilizing the Boolean search technique, you can clean and replicate your search procedure to get a whole of 3 times. Using the basic account, you can save up to 3 searches, so make sure that you select keywords and key phrases which are unambiguous for your best & most lucrative client!

What’s promising is the fact that you can always return and modify your keywords and search structures. Therefore, when you’ve saved a search that merely isn’t producing the outcomes you’ll need, then you can keep seeking before you look for a search combination that’s successful.

Moreover, in order to save a particular search, you’ve to click the green arrow that seems next to the drop-down box. When you click the green arrow, a pen will appear and you’ll then have the ability to edit your searches in the saved searches moving forward.

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