LinkedIn marketing is just a different beast inside the advertisement campaign Jungle. Most active social media marketers sooner or later have figured it out. As the PPC advertising industry moves (Pay-Per-Click), LinkedIn Advertisements is like an angsty teen – it’s premature and challenging to work well with sometimes, however, the targeting is hands down the very best for achieving company-facing clients, also it reveals your Ads to the many competent traffic from any online source. In a nutshell, it’s a goldmine if you’re able to figure it out.

Well, let’s play the overall game right and find the gold-mine. I’ll teach you to beat others in this game.

LinkedIn Ads Advertising to finding new customers

People click on ads and visit your website. You can specify which users of LinkedIn target your ads by selecting the recipients on the basis of qualification, job function, age, sex, and region, and size, the name of company or LinkedIn group. Manage your advertising costs by defining a budget and pay only for clicks or views that you have registered. The ads consist of these elements:

  • Title (up to 25 characters)

  • From: (your name or company)

  • Description (maximum 75 characters)

  • Image: (picture of 50 × 50 pixels)

  • URL (Web site that people visit after clicking on your advertisement)

It is possible that the ad is only shown in the text version in areas such as the top of the home page of To get started all you need is a LinkedIn account and a credit card and these simple steps:

Create an ad: write your ad in just a few minutes using an account LinkedIn

Select a recipient group: determines which LinkedIn members show your ad

Set your budget and the offer: set a maximum amount you want to spend and how much you’ll pay for clicks or views

Your advertisement will be examined by a member of Customer Service, generally within 24 hours. If your advertisement is in conformity with the guidelines and is approved, it will be activated on the website and shown on several pages of the first floor of the website They can appear in various positions on any page or all the pages listed below:

  • Profile page (when users view the profile of other LinkedIn members)
  • Homepage (the page that users see when they log on LinkedIn)
  • Inbox (page dedicated to the messages and invitations)
  • Search results page (the page that appears when you search for a member by name)
  • Groups (in the pages of LinkedIn groups)

LinkedIn Ads Define Objectives Advertising

Before launching a campaign, it is important to define your advertising goals. A clear objective will guide the creation of your advertising and will help you target the right audience and choose the best landing page. For example, if your goal is to generate clicks on your website at a cost per click (CPC), use the tab “My advertising campaigns” and the Reports tab in LinkedIn Ads to monitor your progress. You can also monitor the number of clicks compared to the total budget spent.

LinkedIn Ads Analytics Analysis Web sites with Google

If your main goal is to generate potential customers, inquiries or sales that result from clicks, you need to monitor the actions of users on your Web site and attributed these actions to your advertisements on LinkedIn. The most common way to do this is to use reporting tools for analysis of Web sites. Free from analysis of Web sites such as Google Analytics can be configured within hours to provide key ideas such as the number of conversions (visitor actions on your site ) and conversion rate (percentage of visitors from a source such as LinkedIn Ads that taking an action). With this data, you can predict a number of clicks required to reach your objectives.

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices Ad Create Effective Advertising

Before creating an ad consult the guidelines for advertising for more details on what you can include in your advertisement and what is not. The ads that get the best results are relevant to the target group and are written in a clear and convincing:

  • The title should clearly describe the products or services offered. Try a variation of a question in the title to capture people’s attention.

  • The description shall indicate the net benefits and suggests a strong call to action including phrases like Try, Download, and Subscribe or Get a Quote.

  • One should always choose words that attract the attention of your target group.

  • LinkedIn is used differently than other Web sites, then put yourself in the shoes of the recipients when you create your advertisement.

  • Make your ad worthy of attention by highlighting special offers, exclusive benefits, white papers, free trials or demos. This will be an incentive that will induce a click on your ad.

  • Add a picture to your advertisement that is relevant to what you offer. The background color of LinkedIn is white, then the images with bright colors are more likely to capture the attention of your target group. The maximum image size is 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels high, so make sure the contents of your image respects these dimensions.

Once active monitors always your click through rate (CTR: Click-through Rate): if you continue to show the same advertisement week after week, your click-through rate will decrease. You should update your ads at least once a month by inserting different or new images.

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