Today, marketing is the backbone of any business irrespective of its size. You may be offering advanced product or service, however in case your targeted audiences are unaware about it, then your business will probably not accomplish its fullest potential. More awful, anticipate that it will soon die a natural death for sure.

The way things are today, business competition has come to extremely cutthroat levels, and the marketing scene is no special case. As the professional marketers try their best to keep their brands on the front line of their audience’s minds, data management using marketing automation technology surely makes perfect sense.

Today, marketing automation is an incredible technology that keeps acquiring better, and thus assisting your business to flourish in a very smooth and efficient manner. There are many advantages of using marketing automation.


LinkedIn is the best platform if you want to grow your professional network to benefit your business. Many marketers are using LinkedDominator, the best LinkedIn marketing, and automation tool to leverage the power of LinkedIn for their business growth. Any firm, small businesses to big enterprises, can understand the following key benefits from using a marketing automation tool like LinkedDominator:

#1: Increase Efficiency of the Sales Team

Earlier, sales team used to dig hard to make out if a lead is qualified. But now, using CRM integration, progressive web form profiling, visitor tracking intelligence and lead scoring (all available in marketing automation platforms), your sales team can experience an exponential improvement in their efficiency. These above-mentioned features if merged up with real-time sales alerts will not only make your sales team’s jobs easier, but they can ultimately spend a majority of their time on more qualified leads.

#2: Increase Effectiveness of the Marketing Team

Not just is your company’s sales team going to be more efficient AND happier (not pursuing unqualified or cold leads), your marketing team as well will get benefited by using the marketing automation tool for LinkedIn. Greater converting landing pages, more brilliant web forms building more complete lead profiles, scheduled posting, automated lead developing programs and other important marketing automation highlights all bolstering your marketing team’s capacity to convey more qualified leads, further increasing your sales team’s level of success.

Marketing Automation

#3: Save Money and Time on Administrative Tasks

Most of the marketing automation platforms can assist you automate core marketing administration, including: sending individual personalized emails from representatives in your organization, keeping marketing lists well-organized, creating, syncing and updating CRM records, campaign reporting, and other administrative functions. Often, these tasks were kind of a job requirement of a marketing coordinator/assistant having to manually deal with spreadsheets and data entry tasks. Now, marketing automation tools can help you maintain a record of all the vital insights and data required to make marketing campaign work better.

#4: Deliver Better-Targeted and Relevant Messaging

With the proper combination of breakdown and automated campaigns/triggers, you can deliver better messaging to your target audience depending on who they are, what they are looking for, and in what they are interested in. Using LinkedDominator, you can scrape the data of the users whose interest and need matches up with that of yours offered products and services, and further use it to target audience in a better and precise way.

#5: Accelerate Close Rates

Through the combination of several of the features/functions listed above, you can easily accelerate your close rate. By knowing what stage in the buying cycle a lead is in (based on content they’ve viewed, conversations with representatives, etc.), you are now more capable of delivering the next piece of industry/product content that will help them move further along in their decision. By improving your sales team’s efficiency, you reduce time spent chasing leads that aren’t ready. Through automated campaigns, you can nurture leads until they show a buying signal or raise their hand directly.

#6: Increase in Revenue

Saving the best for last, using a lot of the time savings and efficiency improvements listed above, you’re going to be less wasteful. More importantly, these improvements also lead to increase in revenue. More targeted messaging leads to higher conversions. Higher conversion lead to more people in your funnel who will eventually be wanting and ready to buy. Marketing automation tends to lead to two big benefits in one: cost savings PLUS increase in revenue.

#7. Tracking and Monitoring Of Marketing Campaigns

Determining the success of any marketing campaign will have to be supported by measurable data, data gleaned through precise tracking and monitoring. Marketing automation tool not only assists in tracking marketing expenditures but also in monitoring responses to marketing campaigns based on specific parameters of success or failure.

There is a reason marketing automation like LinkedDominator is the most highly sought after marketing technology right now – when managed correctly the benefits are big, and can indeed make a big difference.

LinkedDominator offers businesses with customer profile and data management capabilities to help them serve their markets and industry better. Successful customer acquisition, conversion, and retention are, for the most part, a product of a holistic marketing strategy, a strategy that most marketing automation solutions are fully equipped to support.

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