If you have a steady repertoire of regular clientele, it pays to give your loyal customers plenty of attention. It is also important to put your bid in for new customers to help your business grow.

Customers have more options than ever before; technology has opened many channels to learn about and purchase goods or services from a growing pool of competitors. In a digital age where “Google” is both a verb and noun, many customers self-direct themselves with search engines. Because of this, SEM (search engine marketing) is a valuable tool to invest in, but it is a means to an end when it comes to acquiring new leads. A solid lead generation strategy will help you reach the masses more effectively.

Lead generation strategies perform best when organized into methodical steps, as opposed to blindly implementing a variety of tactics. If you are drafting a plan to garner attention for your brand’s new audience, consider these tips:

  1. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals


Define objectives and metrics for success. Aim for goals that are:

  • Specific to an area – Identify areas of your business that need improvement.
  • Measurable – Consider which analytical tools will be able to measure success.
  • Assignable – Communicate this goal throughout the entire echelon of your company and assign who will help make this goal attainable.
  • Realistic – Given the time allot, your brand value, and market share, make a goal that is reasonable.
  • Time-related – Set sensible deadlines.

Increasing sales by 35% in a brick and mortar location by the end of next quarter through sales reps initiatives and referral programs is an example of an S.M.A.R.T. goal.

  1. Find your match

Identifying leads that are likely to convert to customers will help improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts. Take the time to build a best customer profile to help with this process. This includes becoming an expert on your leads’ way of life, needs, and communicating in ways they understand.

Aligning your business with your potential customers will allow your brand to be highly visible and approachable. Consequently, there will be a higher percentage of quality leads converting to customers as opposed to peripheral targets.

  1. Be Visible

Leads are actively looking for content and are drawn to blogs, white papers, posts, updates and articles from authoritative and reputable organizations. Offering relevant, high-quality content written specifically for your target, and not for keyword algorithms, will help with organic search-engine listings.


There are many non-digital platforms for reaching out as well, such as cold calling (telemarketing), referral programs, specialized events like trade shows, and traditional advertising. Mixing and matching the best media platforms for your target enables for more coverage.

Bonus Tip: You should be active in social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, a social networking platform meant for professionals. You can easily reach out your target market and audience. LinkedDominator is a LinkedIn marketing software that can help you to scrape the details of your competitors and necessary data that can help you to plan your next successful campaign and reach out target audience more precisely.

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Further, you can schedule the LinkedIn activities to make an active presence in the LinkedIn community. To read more on LinkedDominator, click here.

  1. Track and measure

Always measure your traction. Always track your leads. Monitor how your leads are interacting with your promotional tools and your online presence. This is especially necessary if you are considering launching several initiatives across multiple platforms. You will know if you are getting the results you hypothesized and you will see patterns in participation that will help you learn about your leads and how to fine tune your marketing efforts.

The most important tip when generating leads is A.B.C.: Always Be Closing. You may get leads at various stages of the purchasing decision but never hesitate to put your proposition upfront so that they know what action to take to ignite conversions.


Lead generation strategy isn’t something that you have to tackle on your own. If you are interested in more information on LinkedDominator has helped clients find leads and surpass their business goals, contact us today.

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