Well in case you are unknown about the new LinkedIn message policy then let me clear you about what this policy is all about. Now you have a restriction over the number of LinkedIn messages per month. At present LinkedIn is allowing people to send up to 15 messages per month to their group members.

As indicated by LinkedIn the new rules are as per the following-

LinkedIn messages can be sent to the group members who are not connected with you. Then what is the restriction? Well, it restricts you to send 15 free messages to your LinkedIn group members in each month. This cutoff is not set for a specific group rather set for all LinkedIn group of yours.

LinkedIn rules (15 Messages): – What happens when we try to send more than 15 messages in LinkedIn?

In case, anyone tries to send more than 15 messages in LinkedIn then it will show an error message.

What kind of error message will be displayed?

LinkedDominator software which is used for LinkedIn management is allowing you to send multiple numbers of messages to your user groups. On its msg group member feature, you can view how to send messages to multiple numbers of people at the same time. What if we exceed the 15 messages rule set by LinkedIn?

1- In order to send messages you need to click on the get group first, which allow you to get the user accounts through the drop down menu and the user groups.

Note: You can select the 1st connection or 2nd connection or 3rd connection.

2- After that, by clicking on the get member button you can view the list of members who have joined the selected groups and from that list, you can select the people whom you want to send messages.

3- If you select the numbers of persons above 15 for example if you select 18 members and click on the send message button. On the process longer you can view up to the 15th number individual, after 15 it will show error message like “sorry you have reached a limit for direct messaging group members” and the process is completed.

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