LinkedIn, as we all know, has always played a vital role whenever B2B business is concerned. It has always proved to be an asset for the youngsters as well as the businesspersons. It has always tried to lessen the burden of its users.

So now it has come up with the latest updates of desktop redesign and ideas to make an efficient use of LinkedIn searches. It has taken time and investigated from the ground level and has come up with a new mobile app which can provide users fast and more values. Their goal is to provide you seamless access to the more relevant professional opportunities, conversations, and content.   

It is said that this desktop redesign will bring content and conversations to the heart of the platform which helps you to join any discussion, share your ideas and come up with new topics and news which you care about. Also, you will find a search box on the top of any LinkedIn page so that you can find companies, jobs, people, schools, and groups.   

So let’s move forward with them individually.

1. Desktop Redesign


Desktop Redesign

In this portion, we are going to discuss the latest enhancements which are made for its users to feel comfortable.

  • Streamlined Navigation: With the latest development in the desktop now you are able to find 7 core areas on the navigation bar. You can find Home, Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, Me, Search and My Network. When you will click on the more icon you can launch towards other experiences like LinkedIn learning.
  • Smart Messaging: This feature will help you to unlock and connect with new opportunities. It is providing you a real-time messaging interface which can help you to message any connections on LinkedIn. It will also work on serving the insights across the site to let you break any hurdle of conversation and get connected with another opportunity.
  • Rich feed: With the use of human editors and the algorithm LinkedIn has focused on the richer feeds to surface the suitable content from the publishers and people. It will also be adding new ways to go deep into the content which is relevant for you and are following trending stories.
  • Greater Insights: With this feature, you will be able to find who has viewed your content or read or had shown interest for your updates.
  • Make your Profile stand out: It is suggested that you need to be quite conscious regarding your profile. The improvement is made for your profile option where you can find everything to look professional.   

2. Make your search easy


Make your search easy

  • If want to make a brief search for a specific person on LinkedIn then have a look on these:

You need to mention his or her name in the search box. Also, can select from suggestions found in the dropdown list. Then click on enter and better filter people to see only those people whom you want to search. You can brief your search process by using the filter provided such as company, location, industry, past company and school. And then you can select a member’s name and view his or her profile and then can connect with them or can follow them for the future interactions.

Have a look.

  • If want to create a job alert then follow these:

Well, if you want to search for a job or create a job alert then you can mention the company or the job function in the search box provided or can select from the dropdown list. Then click on enter to start your search also, can make your search easier by using the job filter and further can filter according to the location, company, etc. and if you wish to create a job search alert then  click on search alert and select to receive the notification of jobs via text or Email.  

If you opt for the power search members then can add 5 search operators. They are the First name, Last Name, Title, Company, and School.

Over to you

These were some of the latest update of LinkedIn which can help you a lot and encourage you have an efficient use of LinkedIn updates.

Share your views on this blog post via a comment we would love to have some.


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