LinkedIn, undoubtedly, is one of the best social media marketing platforms of the day. With professionals from all over the world, it becomes quite easy to reach the potential users and get yourself and your brand introduced. Organizations try everything for the sake of their brands and services to get viral using LinkedIn. But using LinkedIn for Business is not that easy at it seems to be.

Fortunately, we have some of the best LinkedIn Marketing Software. One such amazing software is LinkedDominator. There are certain astounding features of LinkedDominator which make it one of the best in the business. Here I present you certain key features of LinkedDominator-

Multiple Account Management-

In order to successfully lead a marketing campaign on LinkedIn, you need multiple accounts. Managing these multiple accounts often become hectic. But now with the help of LinkedDominator, you can easily manage multiple accounts from a single place. You can add multiple at once, you can delete accounts, etc. The following image shows how easily you can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with a single click.




Add Potential Connections-

LinkedDominator enables a user to easily connect with their potential clients. Now users can search their target crowd using various filters and send them an invitation through emails. You don’t need to individually send an invitation to your potential crowd, now you can send an invitation in bulk with a single click. Targeting your crowd becomes much easier with this amazing LinkedIn Marketing Software.




Smart Messaging-

Smart messaging is one of those distinguishing features that makes LinkedDominator one of a kind. Here you can send messages to all your first connection with a mere single click. The composed message will be sent to certain targeted users that you have filtered using keywords. You can even send messages to multiple groups with a single click. Just follow the following image and you’ll get to know everything.




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