Don’t simply stick to individual profile upgrades and private messages to individuals, who are there in your network. LinkedIn provides lot more beneficiaries to the clients just like now people can also utilize the efficiency of LinkedIn groups to help the business to add people whom they are targeting on and do not have any idea regarding how to have direct communication with them.

The genuine opportunity people can get by creating LinkedIn groups is finding an easy way to acquaint themselves with new individuals without irritating them. In order to leverage the power of LinkedIn marketing and helping people to get the best outcome from their LinkedIn marketing LinkedDominator software which is an open source LinkedIn management software can be used.

Development of such an easy to install and easy to operate software make people stress-free regarding creating LinkedIn groups, improving the business network, joining new LinkedIn groups, group status update, all tasks included in the LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

How to  join multiple LinkedIn groups at the same time?

In order to join multiple groups in LinkedIn, LinkedDominator software provide 2 features which are named as “join friends group” & “join search group”.


By using the join friends group feature, you can view the full lists of groups which your  friends have joined and can at a time join the groups joined by the selected friends.

How “Join friends group” works?

1- In case you are following certain groups of people, and want to join the groups which they have already joined then this feature can supply total support towards it.


a) At first you need to click on the add friend option, which will add all friends accounts which are uploaded in the software.

b) After completion of the above process, you have to click on the add groups button which can show you the list of all groups joined by your friends.

c) Then you have to select the groups which you want to join. By clicking on the join group button, you can easily join all the selected groups at a time.

Note: Delay between the group join can be selected.

d) After completion of the process, your LinkedIn accounts will join the groups selected by you.


e) Then output file is generated which include the email id of the Linked accounts along with the groups joined by you.

The next feature is- join search group.

In case you do not have time for searching groups manually, then this feature can be used.


How “join search group” works?

1- In case you need to join groups of a specific niche then this feature can be the ideal option, which allow you to select a keyword according to which the software will search for the groups which are related to that keyword.

Note: you can select the numbers of groups you want to find out.

2- By clicking on the search group option you can view the groups related to the keyword. Then you have to select the groups which you want to join. You can select all open group and member groups.

Note: Delay time between the group search can be set.

2nd join

3- After that by clicking on the join group option you can add all the selected groups on your LinkedIn account.

This feature also supplies output folder which include 2 files one contain the details of groups which are joined and the other one will include groups which were not joined.


The file which include the list of Successfully joined the group will contain data like:

contain data like

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