The new feature is intended to provide an opportunity to give visibility to specific parts of the company and not the entire organization.

This ensures users browsing experience useful, thanks to the content most relevant to them and more inherent to their interests. For example, the common consumer may not be interested in the different working positions open in a company but could be very interested in products and services or about the technical support activities. The Showcase Pages are, in essence, profile pages specific to each aspect of your work that you have decided to show.

This feature has been well received by both companies by professionals.

Many large organizations already use multiple Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles for different sections of their business, so it makes sense that even Linkedin has started to offer this feature.

If you are ready to use Showcase Pages to help your plan and your social media content marketing efforts, follow these 5 tips.

1 – Remember the SEO

Companies use the advice of Search Engine Optimization to help their content strategy for the blog and for indexing the best possible pages on the Google search engine. In any case, a few leading companies follow these Best Practices on social, especially for the fact that each network has its own search algorithm.

You can not afford to think that way, when you use Showcase Pages, because the SEO will help to ensure its success. If you do not follow the rules of the Basic SEO your profiles will be ignored by the majority of your audience on Linkedin. This means that your pages should be developed like any other content on your site.

The easiest way to start is one that includes strategically keywords in title, the meta description and copy. If your page is made up of simple and repetitive content, it will not be effective, then choose originality and usefulness.

2 – Create a page window for each offer

Adobe has achieved first place in the ranking of the Top Fox Business company page of Linkedin, in part because he has done a nice job with the Showcase Pages. They were created profiles for different products including Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud .

Adobe is a clear example that you can replicate. Instead of just a couple of Showcase Pages , you could develop one for each product or service. In most cases it seems customers are interested in any of your offers and do not want anything else. Creating pages for every aspect of your business you will be sure that the customer will find the information he seeks.

3 – Analysis!

The social media marketing is based on analysis

“You can not manage what you can not measure”

You should review the metrics whenever possible to ensure that your campaigns success and popularity. Similarly with the identification of which content is most popular, you can build on that success and create more useful content.

A good analysis can show how the customer interacts with your content, what they are better and much more. Check the numbers at least twice a month. See which post had more attention and generated more responses from your audience. Uses this information to build the content later.

4 – Be unique

The moment we get our hands on a new marketing tool, it is natural to think of the easiest way to use it. It can work for something uncomplicated, such as recycling of content from other platforms. It’s a strategy that eliminates all the work of development and publication. Simple, undemanding.

But you should not choose the easy road , because it can often be inefficient and not enough effort to get value. Always think in terms of followers. Someone has subscribed to your Facebook page, Twitter and your Showcase Pages of Linkedin. This person will see all your post anywhere, so if you publish the same content on all platforms, sooner or later, your follower will lose interest in you. And inevitably it will disconnect from your channel.

5 – Do not go back!

Le Showcase Pages, as in the case of new social apps, tools and features, have generated some initial excitement, and a rush to use them in its strategy of social marketing. Except that, when the promotion phase is past, marketers have come back to use them in the old way. Do not let that happen to you .

Recently, Linkedin has made great strategic moves and its popularity is growing. And so it will continue to be so in the future, so keep building and growing your Showcase Pages and your followers, to not to be disappointed in the future.

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