To create and manage a Company page on Linkedin is a priority for any company involved in branding of their business. Also, now companies are seeking candidates (Recruiting) from this social media platform of professionals. Linkedin is a powerful tool especially for highly specialized professionals or very specific figures, which are often already employed and who may not be looking for another job at the time, people who have already achieved a high level of professionalism and stability with an added value compared to those seeking job or professional stability.

Many companies are omitting the use of Headhunter & intermediator and make direct use of Linkedin to look for candidates while saving time, resources and money (it is estimated that for a recruitment; company pays up to 20% of commissions to brokers as salary the first year!).

Create and Manage Company Page on Linkedin

Emphasize your company in creating a very fast and simple company page on Linkedin, which not only promotes your brand, but it also helps to draw attention to your products, create networks of followers and improve the performance of your ads.

Prerequisites for creating a Company page

You can add a new page only if the company meets all of the following:

  1. You must have a personal Linkedin profile set with your real name and surname.

  2. You must have several connections on your profile.

  3. The ‘effectiveness of your profile must indicate Intermediate or All Star.

  4. You are an employee and your company’s current employment status is listed in the Experience on your profile.

  5. You should have a company email address (eg. added and confirmed on your Linkedin profile.

  6. The email domain of your company must be unique to the company

Your current company must have a unique email domain, since email domains like,,, or similar email services are not exclusive to a company, these domains are not suitable to create a company page on Linkedin. You might consider creating a group if your company does not have a single email domain.

Create Company page

To add a business page:

  1. Place your mouse cursor over interests at the top of your home page and select Companies.

  2. Click on Create pane Create a business page on the right.

  3. Enter the official name of your company and your work email address.

  4. Click Continue and enter the information about your company.

  5. If the email address you provide is a working email address unconfirmed on your Linkedin account, a message will be sent to that address. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your email address, and then do the steps above to add your business page.

  6. An error message may appear in red if you’re having trouble adding a business page.

  7. There is no preview of your business page. When you publish the page, it appears active on your website.

  8. To post your business page, you must include a description of the company (250-2000 characters, including spaces) and the URL of the Website.

Some tips for a good Company page:

  1. The visual impact of the page really matter, choose image quality so that your company page can have a high impact communication.

  2. Include your logo and a special cover.

  3. Add a page to show the products/services and a box with the profile of employees. Then create several other pages and customize them as you like

  4. Upload the brochure and presentation files for potential partners and customers, but also believed to attract even new human resources of value that they can grow your company.

  5. Engagement, keep the information uptodate and publish 2-3 times a week and useful activities that may be of interest to your potential customers and partners

  6. Make a plan of work and constantly checks the results

Here’s what you can add to the main sections of your new page:

Overview: Add a logo, a brief description of the company and a link directing you to the company’s blog and Twitter feed. It encourages employees to enter their professional profile in the link of the company website. Just go to “Edit Profile”, start typing the name of the company and choose it from the drop-down menu. In this way, candidates can easily see the employees in your company who are in their network, offering a more personal experience. You can also upload banners and videos of employees who express themselves on the culture of your company.

Products and services: Add product descriptions and ask your network to report your products. Define the target audience so that you can customize the display of their page, with specific products and services. Public jobs special for your network, such as discounts and free consultations

Careers: With Careers card, your job will get more visibility. If you have a business page, a list of your jobs will be automatically published in the Careers tab. So you can inform your followers of the open positions.

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