With over 500 million registered users, more than 4 million companies with LinkedIn company pages, Linkedin is the world’s largest professional social network, and professionals registering at a rate of 2 new members every second. Here’s the number of LinkedIn users from 1st quarter 2009 to 3rd quarter 2016 in millions.

Number of LinkedIn users till 2017

So, have you ever thought of presenting your company and yourself on LinkedIn yet?

For what purpose you are going to use LinkedIn?

Do you have the clear motive to use LinkedIn further?  

Well, as a beginner, you can get all kind of ideas from this post. In this post, we’ll explain how to use LinkedIn for business, professional networking, and marketing… So continue reading…

LinkedIn can be an essential part of not just only your social media marketing, but also your overall marketing strategies. You can take this post as a way to optimize your LinkedIn profile in building relationships. In short, you can take this post as a guide book regarding your LinkedIn uses.

So without wasting any time, let’s enter into the topic and collect the ideas regarding the use of LinkedIn for marketing, business, and professional networking. Proceed…

How to use LinkedIn for Business?

LinkedIn For Business

Whenever you are choosing LinkedIn as a platform to start your business, it is essential to know and understand all the terms, conditions and opportunities that LinkedIn provides for companies. LinkedIn has separate sections which are categorized as LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn advertising, company pages etc. Each section is featured and designed in such a way that you can use LinkedIn freely for your business purpose. These sections imply the successful use of LinkedIn for business.

How to use LinkedIn for Professional Networking?

LinkedIn For Professional Networking

Networking has always taken as a huge part of professional life. LinkedIn is used as the best medium or way of connecting professional networks with others. If you are using LinkedIn for your business purpose, then it is the best decision I must say. LinkedIn is the best platform in which you get connected with your professionals. So use LinkedIn as it’s world’s best professional platform.

How to use LinkedIn for Marketing?

LinkedIn For Marketing

While everyone has a focus on the popular social media network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as their marketing platform, LinkedIn built itself as the content producing powerhouse. And LinkedIn has become one of the best place to build brand awareness in a professional way. 

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Why LinkedIn?  LinkedIn has become the destination for the marketers, where professionals get high-quality contents from professional publishers. With 500 million users, LinkedIn has become one of the best professional platform where brand promotion can be done in a better and enhanced way. LinkedIn is the platform where marketers go to grow.

Whatever may be the field, whether you are using LinkedIn for marketing or business, a wise and workable strategy is required to get the same. Many software and tools are present now which are used to improve your marketing strategy with better result in less effort and less time. One of the best LinkedIn marketing tools is named as “LinkedDominator”. Let’s have a short idea about this tool:



With LinkedDominator now you can reach 300 million users with ease. Among the total number of users, 65% of users are a key decision maker. It is faster, easier and cost effective. You makes all the LinkedIn operations easier and simpler. In just a single click, you can do all the operations which are related to your LinkedIn marketing. The key features and working principles make it more popular and wide.

LinkedDominator gives you the platform which allows you to monitor, execute and create different campaigns which are made to operate various LinkedIn activities.

Why LinkedDominator?

You can get many benefits if you are using LinkedDominator. You can increase your brand popularity and can get free lead generation with LinkedDominator. It has helped thousand of entrepreneurs and small businesses. It generates higher profits. LinkedDominator is a tool which is used to automate and manage all the LinkedIn marketing campaign. The features of LinkedDominator play a vital role in LinkedIn management activities.

Regulate your LinkedIn connections with LinkedDominator

Things you can do on LinkedIn with the help of LinkedDominator:

  • You can add all your connections easily with LinkedDominator.
  • Now send messages to your connections in just a single click.
  • Create groups and invite members with “Create group” feature of LinkedDominator.
  • Now send messages to multiple members.
  • Scrape company details with advanced filters with LinkedDominator.
  • Manage multiple accounts at a time.

And many more  useful features.

Wrapping Words:

LinkedDominator is the best LinkedIn marketing tool to enhance your LinkedIn operations. Now do multiple works in a short period of time. I hope I was able to put my points in front of you all. Thank you for reading my post. Do share your views with us.

Thank you… 🙂

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