LinkedIn is a great platform for marketers who want to build an expert effective marketing strategy with a perfect professional touch. But for that also you need large connection, engagements, and feedback to grow your brand popularity. Since marketers are not able to promote their product in social media they write blogs to promote in a different manner.

Now, a question arises how will you promote your blogs? Unless and until your blogs are not promoted how can your brand get popular? As LinkedIn is a phenomenal platform it has the potential to promote your blogs too.

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Though a marketer needs to take care of few tips which we are going discuss in this blog, but as per experts the result of much effective than any other media. The main advantage of promoting your product via blogs is, you can give a brief idea about your product like, how to use, when to use, where to use and most importantly what are its benefits.

And the most important thing is when you get a lot of visitors for your blogs, it will ultimately improve your search engine ranking. As per various search engine ranking algorithms, backlinks and more visitors to your web pages are considered while giving a position to brand in search engines.

So, now let’s move on to the main part of a discussion, that is how you can promote your blogs in LinkedIn and for that, you need to follow the following tips and tricks.

1.     Complete Your Profile:

Whenever you are running any business pages for any of the social media, you must complete your profile with profile picture, full name and a brief idea about your business product.

As marketers ignore this step, because which they couldn’t be found when a user’s, entrepreneur or business person is searching with a keyword. Moreover, when you add all the details to LinkedIn profile, it makes users feel that you are a genuine marketer and then only audiences will start following your blogs regularly.

2.     Strengthen Your Connections:


strengthen your LinkedIn connections


As in every social media marketing, you need to strengthen your connection so that you can use our connection further in targeting, getting engagements and getting feedbacks similarly you can use your connection to raise the traffic of your blogs. You can post your blogs on LinkedIn and ask your connection to check or share as a result your blog traffic rate goes up.

3.     Join Targeted Groups:

Since LinkedIn is known for its versatile groups so, while promoting your blogs a marketer should use this group feature. You can share your blogs with groups and ask them to share with their connections. Even if you’re not getting much response from other groups you can create your own group and add members as per your requirement.

 4.     Automate your Account:


Automate your account


If you’re struggling to build connections, join desired groups or create your own groups, getting engagements then we would like to suggest you to automate your accounts with a smart software like LinkedDominator. It is capable of managing all the features of LinkedIn automatically without bothering the marketer. This software also enables a marketer to save time as well as effort and accelerating your profit level.

5.     Develop Engaging Content:

While writing a blog, a marketer should always develop a unique, engaging and trending content for which users generally look for. You can write blogs about your product but still you should also write some informative and trending blogs and indirectly promote your product. While writing content you can follow some useful resources or professional to develop high-quality blogs. You can even hire professionals to write blogs for your products.

6.     Share Blog Posts with Individuals:

After developing blogs you can share it with LinkedIn users individually. This is the easiest approach to drag traffic for your blog and it is not necessary to share with every connection, you can do it with only targeted audiences who has maximum chances to be your customer in near future.

7.     Add LinkedIn Share Button:


Add LinkedIn Share Button


At last but not the least the marketer should add a share button for LinkedIn. This will allow the reader of your blog to share your blog directly among their connection. Hence, your blog will ultimately drag more traffic and somehow help a marketer to gain more profit.

Final Words:

We keep trying to help marketers by updating latest LinkedIn marketing tips via our blogs. Since the online marketing scenario is changing every day so marketers need perfect and quick guidance to succeed in the marketing world. You can get all the information regarding LinkedIn marketing by following our blogs which are developed by experts after thorough research. You can even subscribe to free newsletter to know what’s happening in LinkedIn marketing stage.


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