Other than simply an interaction medium, professional social media “LinkedIn” has become one approach for creating social media community & promote the business brands. It supports the communication between the brand proprietors and its clients, which is quite effective towards improving the CRM.

LinkedIn has introduced itself as a flexible marketing platform, which include several effective features, which works best towards doing a successful social media marketing. LinkedIn marketing is gaining popularity in a regular basis as a result of the advantages it is supplying to the marketers like cost effective nature.

But, it becomes a little bit complex for marketers who are unknown about how to start LinkedIn marketing, how to handle it, how to operate LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Normally it has been noticed that many people have confusion regarding how can I make the most from LinkedIn for my business?

Well, no need to worry as now people can take the assistance of the LinkedDominator software which support best services towards handling & automating different activities included in the LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

In LinkedDominator, you can scrape the data and use that data to reach out more people to make them aware about your business. By using the data scraped by LinkedDominator, you can actually target your  market or potentials more precisely.1

Data from LinkedDominator can be scraped by 5 ways:

1. LinkedIn Scraper Inputs

You can scrape the user data through different options like- First name, Last name, Country, etc.

Select the account email ID, fill the desired features. If you want to search people belonging to any particular Industry or relationship wise or language known, you can opt for it. 2

2. Using Keyword/Title

You can scrape the LinkedIn user data by entering any particular Keyword or Title.


There’s also an option to select the status and then scrape the data more precisely to meet the need.


3. Through Group

You can scrape the data of a particular group, and can set the limit as well.


4. By URL

Data can also be scraped by uploading a text file of the list of URLs you want to scrape.


5. By Company

If you want to scrape the data from, say people working/was working on any different 5 companies. You can upload the list of those companies in a text file and upload it.


Once selecting any one of the methods to scrape the LinkedIn data, give the name for the exported data file you want to save with, and its path.


Click on the Search button to begin scraping process.


Once the data is completed extracted as per your given choice, you’ll be notified in the process logger.

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