LinkedIn has more than 380 million active users all around the world, which makes it the most popular social networking site especially for professionals. Seeing such huge professionalism in LinkedIn marketing, marketers don’t utilize this platform.

One most common obstacle which marketers face is they are not able to manage their connections. Like to run any kind of business in LinkedIn, a marketer should primarily focus on strengthening the connection because, unless and until you are not successful in doing that your business strategy will not succeed.

When you could build a strong connection, then only your business page will succeed in other plans like getting organic engagements, targeting audiences, building groups, generating leads and of course gaining profits.

So, hope till now you have got an idea the importance of building a strong connection on LinkedIn. As marketing report says generally marketers failed in the initial step of the build of connections and managing them because of that we got an automated software LinkedDominator.

manage your connection with LinkedDominator


LinkedDominator is especially meant for managing all the features of LinkedIn accounts and using this a marketer need not put much effort or hire online marketing experts. And to use this software a marketer don’t have to take any training session or join special courses, simply automate their LinkedIn account and start enjoying engagement’s and traffics will be stacked up in your business pages.

So let’s have a look how the feature of LinkedDominator will help you in building and managing your profile’s connection.

Add Connection with LinkedDominator:

Using this feature, you can add a connection to your page by searching for keywords, emails, and groups, which makes a marketer reach the exact audiences who has maximum chances to be your customer.

Add Connection

Step 1: Go to connection module, to manage your connections with LinkedDominator.

Step 2: Select on “Add Connection” to add a new connection for your LinkedIn business page so that it will raise the engagements as well as reach maximum audiences.

Step 3: Next in Input section, you can filter to add connection either by search with email or with keywords. This step will make a marketer ask for connection only those LinkedIn users who have interest relevant to your product.

Step 4: Going to setting option, you can schedule this process giving a particular interval.

Step 5: Finally in the submit action, you can start the process by choosing start option, or simply cancel it going with stop option.

Withdraw Connection using LinkedDominator:

Using this feature of LinkedIn a marketer can automatically cancel the pending requested connections.

Withdraw Request


Step 1: Go to connection option, to manage connection module with LinkedDominator.

Step 2: Next go to withdraw connection to cancel all the pending request of individual LinkedIn user and groups.

Step 3:  In Input option, you can select members or groups from whose account you want to withdraw your connection request.

Step 4: You can schedule this process in setting option, by giving a fixed interval for each thread.

Step 5: Finally in submitting action, you can start the process or cancel the process.


Final Words:

This blog will guide all the marketers who are just stepping into the world of LinkedIn marketing as well as those who are not able to strengthen their connection which is the main key point to succeed in the marketing world. We always try our best to guide online marketers with our blogs which are written by LinkedIn marketing experts. You can follow our blogs to explore more about LinkedIn marketing world and even subscribe to the newsletter for free.


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