Do marketers maintain LinkedIn page only to promote their brand or product? What can be any other purpose for which marketers Linked business page? Well, to keep the interaction clear and direct with customers, marketers are nowadays using only LinkedIn page.

The reason for which marketers uses only LinkedIn pages to communicate with their customer is LinkedIn is the only professional social site. If you interact with your customer via any professional site it will help you to maintain a trustworthy relationship with customers. So far, a direct messaging feature of LinkedIn has worked the best to target audiences effectively. Hence, you can try this to improve your profit and engagement rate.

send direct message in LinkedIn


But, now the question is do all marketer are capable of doing this? Though you can message your customer to clear their queries but still it’s not possible for marketers to available 24/7 for the customer to reply them. Then how would a marketer able to keep a responsive relationship with their customer?

The best way to keep your account engaging in responding to queries of your customer is just automated your LinkedIn account with LinkedDominator. LinkedDominator is a smart and potential software especially meant for LinkedIn business accounts which can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, gain followers, get engagements and reply to your messages. In short, this software can make your account robust and effective from which a marketer can enhance its profit.

Let’s see what features of LinkedDominator will help a marketer to maintain a healthy relationship with their customer.

Send Multiple Message with LinkedDominator:

Using this feature of LinkedDominator marketer can send multiple numbers of messages to those LinkedIn users who are in your connection. This feature also allows a marketer to send texts in a particular format to many users without getting spammed. Sending a direct message in LinkedIn has proved the most effective way of targeting audiences as you can directly convey information about your products, benefits, and offers.

send message with LinkedDominator


Step 1: Select the Message option, as you want to send multiple number messages to those who are in your LinkedIn connection.

Step 2: Next go to Compose message, to select what message you are going to send to all your followers.

Step 3: In the input section, you can select the connections or users whom you are willing to send a direct message. Here, you can filter the users to send a direct message.

Step 4: Next in the setting, you can schedule this process by giving a particular time interval.

Step 5: Finally in the submit action you can start the process by selecting send message option or cancel the process by selecting stop option.


Send Messages to Group Members with LinkedDominator:

When you want to convey a message to selected group members you don’t need to find and select individually, do it with LinkedDominator where you can filter the group members in just one click whom you want to send a direct message in LinkedIn.


send message to group members with LinkedDominator


Step 1: Go to message option as you want to send a direct message to your connection.

Step 2: Select Message group members to send messages to group members to share any information about your product and offer. You can also text them to clear their common queries and even as to like your other business pages.

Step 3: In input section, you can filter the group members whom you want to send a message.

Step 4: Next in the setting option you can schedule the messaging option by defining a particular time interval.

Step 5: In submitting dialog box, you can select send a message to send all the selected group members. You can even select stop option to cancel the process.


Final Words:

LinkedIn has many facilities using which a marketer can grow their business tremendously, but the major issue is marketers are not much aware of LinkedIn marketing. You can keep yourself updated about LinkedIn marketing strategies by following our blogs. If you have any query regarding LinkedDominator you can comment in our blogs and even you can subscribe to free newsletter.


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