In the LinkedIn professional community, profile appearance is the key element that grabs the eyeballs. No matter what your achievements are unless you attract people with your profile outlook.

Later, you have to impress your viewers with your professional achievements.

But, this needs some creativity to attract the users.

Want to know the tips to make your LinkedIn profile attractive?

Here we suggest you some tips for that. When tried, these tricks can make miracles with your LinkedIn profile. So, keep reading this article.

#1 Make an attractive profile image

You have to make an attractive profile for yourself. For this, the very first step is to make an effective profile pic.

Generally, people ignore the importance of keeping a pic that fits well. But, you should not do like that. You have to make your face clearly visible to the profile viewers.

Just go to the profile menu and click on the Edit profile option. There you can find a camera icon while moving the mouse our the profile image. Just tap on the icon and change the image.

The best dimensions recommended for LinkedIn is 400 x 400 pixels.


#2 Impress with your cover photo

cover pic is the one more element that boosts up your profile appearance on LinkedIn. The cover pic may be anything that reflects your background and experience.

You can set the image of your hometown or the image of your company where you work. Else the theme image of a project you are dealing with. Whatever the image you keep, it should give some insights about you and your profession.

To change the background, just hover over the background area and tap on the edit background option. For a better appearance, it is recommended to keep a 1400×425 pixel image.


#3 showcase your insights in the industry

Blogging is the thing that can show you as a researcher in the industry and an expert in the technology.

So, if you write any articles on the topics regarding your business or industry, it is better to publish them in the LinkedIn profile. When viewers of your LinkedIn see your profile, they would definitely see the articles you write.

So, to grab their attention keep some interesting cover pics for the article. You can publish your articles in the Publisher feature of the LinkedIn.

For this publisher, you can keep a cover image. So, better to keep the image that reflects the theme of the articles that you write.

You can upload the links for your blogs with the LinkedIn profile. Just use the LinkedDominator that can automatically upload the links on your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Scraper

#4 Select the most fitting skills

You can showcase a skill set with a maximum of 50 skills. You can get the connections that are related to the skills you have. Ensure you pick the most fitting, and alter the rundown to bunch comparable skills together. It’s frequently more compelling to showcase fewer center aptitudes – yet recollect that skills are currently accessible as a variable in LinkedIn premium pursuit, as utilized by enrollment specialists.

most fitting skills

#5 Make your audience reach you easily

This means you have to provide the profile viewers with right information to contact you. But, do not keep all the information visible to all the people. This can cause you troubles in the form of spam emails and calls.

So once you made a connection with someone, make all your contact information available to them. This is suggested to keep your essential contact information like contact number of your workplace, official email id, and social media account ids if any.

Keep your social media links so that, you can make cross promotion for your other social accounts as well.

#6 Enlarge your summary

This is one more important aspect that increases the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile. When someone is visiting your profile, the first thing they see is your summary or bio section.

This is the point where the viewers can get to know completely.

So, keep everything that boosts up your profile and personality. Include your experiences and skill set. Tell the places where you have worked and the roles you justified.

You can also the videos and images that showcase your skills. Even, you can also attach the PDF and Powerpoint presentations in your summary.


Bottom Line:

The tips are very simple, right? Try these tricks and just compare the results you get. I bet on it that you will be astonished by the results you get. The better profile you have, the better connections you can get. Connections are very much important in showcasing yourself as an industry leader. So, make quality connections with influent people of your industry.


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