If you are a startup or in search of new clients, LinkedIn is the right place to get started. LinkedIn is a social networking site that’s especially meant for professionals, so expanding the client base is no more a daunting task now, also it doesn’t demand much of legwork. All you need is to be a bit smart and savvy to get leads and clients via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: A Road to New Clients

If you have recently started your business and are in quest of new customers and clients, then the key step is to build a good client base. Here are top 4 steps that will make your journey of getting new clients easy:

Step #1: Let People Easily Find You on LinkedIn

Many people overlook the crucial step of optimizing their LinkedIn profiles. It’s important that your LinkedIn profile is well-organized and properly complete. Write what your brand or business offer, include your experience and skill set.

When your profile is well optimized, ask your friends, family and associates for recommendations. Getting recommended from them acts as a type of social proof making your prospect clients trust you.

Step #2: Form your Network

After completing your LinkedIn profile, the next crucial step is to create your network. Start getting connected with your family, friends, associates, old colleagues, old professors/instructors, as many people as possible. These are your “immediate network”.

After this, get connected with your 2nd-degree connections— people who’re related to your industry or niche, but remember to send significant connection requests only. Don’t try building fake or useless networks, as it won’t be of any use! Adding an introduction message about yourself or some relevant message is good. Do send a message that do make some sense, or add value, or else it would be wasting someone’s time.

Step #3: Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

As soon as you get started approaching new connections and making your network, now the third important step is to join the LinkedIn groups relevant to your business, industry or niche. Experts say that it’s better to first engage with group members before marketing your brand or business. It’ll help you from getting spammed.

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