LinkedIn is not the site for fun lovers who want to view funny posts, photos rather it is a professional platform which is used for improving the professional connections. With a massive number of regular users around the world, it’s an inaugural place for experts to associate, look for some kind of employment and to endorse key skills.

Well, the advanced LinkedDominator tool is helping the marketers in leveraging more benefits from this social media platform. With the advanced LinkedIn search option offered by this tool, anyone can easily search for their targeted people & can invite them to join the LinkedIn groups. The scraper feature offered by the software help in gaining more knowledge about the interested area of the clients, customers, professionals whom you want to connect in your LinkedIn network.

This software allows people to at a time send messages to multiple numbers of people just by selecting their names. Not only this you can also join the groups which your friends have joined with the help of the join friends groups option.

How to fetch the people from LinkedIn using different searches?

The LinkedIn search feature of advanced LinkedDominator tool enables people to search for people or company by using related keywords or URL.

Advanced People Search

1- At first you have to select the account from the drop down menu. Then, you need to select search by keyword or URL.

2- You can choose keywords like people and companies from the drop down list or you can load the URL of the search page of your LinkedIn profile. For which you have to click on the browse option which enable you to select the URL from your respective browser. For example: If you will search for a person in the LinkedIn profile then you can view a number of people having the same name, but when you use browse option and load the URL of that search page.

3- You can also add the profile URL directly, from the profile of the person whose data need to be scraped.

4- On the process logger section you can view the total numbers of individuals who are having the same name. You can easily count how many numbers of people are having the same name. In case you search for a business then you can fetch details like business description, specialties, website, industry type, company site, founder etc. Similarly, you can search for business organizations.

5- You can set the path to save the CSV file by the “exported file path option”. By viewing which you can get all information regarding the data fetched. You can also select other scraper feature to get data regarding any of the individual or organization.

In the scraper option you can select scraper from:

1- LinkedIn scraper using Excel Input file

2- LinkedIn scraper using multiple Excel input file.

3- LinkedIn company search.

The file which include the results will look like this:


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