If you want to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing purpose you would definitely need a software. Now you would think LinkedIn is open to all audiences then what is the use of spending money on software? We would like to put a small question in front of you now, will you able to reach over 500 million users across 200 countries?

Your answer would be yes, but why would you need to reach such huge population? You only should put effort to make aware those audiences who has a maximum possibility to turn into a loyal customer in future. And doing that manually won’t be possible, this is the reason we suggested to take help from software like LinkedDominator.



LinkedDominator has some incredible features which can accelerate the profit of entrepreneur in a short span. Keeping all other features in a side, we will only discuss a vital feature of LinkedDominator using which marketers can get targeted audiences ID and emails. Don’t you think doing this will open up all the paths to reach only those user who has maximum chances to be your customer?

You don’t have any other option because it’s already marked that marketers have already tried their best to collect the contact details of some users but ultimately they have failed. The reason is they don’t get the list of targeted audiences or those details who keeps interest with your kind of product. Many marketers gave up trying this as it takes maximum time but give desired output.

So we would like to suggest you to take help from software like LinkedDominator which can get you all the details of followers who keeps bit interest in your product and after targeting them and letting them know more about your product you can turn into a customer.

LinkedDominator Scraper:

Using LinkedDominator’s scraper, a marketer can scrap all the details like id and email of those audiences who has possibility to be your customer. Moreover, it will also give you details of all those audiences whose gives regular engagements to your updates. Once, you have the details of those users, can send direct messages or emails letting them know about your products benefits and offers.

Let’s see how LinkedDominator scraper will automatically extract all the details of users with just a single click.

LinkedIn Scraper


Step1: Select LinkedIn scraper option from Scraper option to get details of all users.

Step2: In the Input dialog box, you can fill some required fields to extract data of users and export all details in a file.

Step3: Next select the LinkedIn scrapers input so give your own inputs and start the scraping process.

Step4: In LinkedIn scrapers input dialog box, give all your details like from which email id and account you want to scrap details. There are also other details which are mandatory to fill and finally save it.

Step5: Select Keyword/Title if you want to scrap details users who have an interest related to your product.

Step6: Next in Keyword and title dialog box, fill the keywords and title as per your product and save the changes.

Step7: Select Industry/Relationship/Language to filter your audiences and scrape their details.

Step8: You can filter your audiences more minutely by selecting the audiences belonging to that particular background.


Step9: In the premium option a recruiter can refine the filtering process.

Step10: In this step, you can select filter the candidates according to their skill, experience, and other fields.

Step11: Finally save all the changes you have made.

Step12: In setting option, schedule the extraction process mentioning the time delay.

Step13: Hence, to start the scrapping process select start option from submit an action or simply select stop to cancel the scrapping process.

Final Words:

We always keep working to help marketers to earn easy money with automated ways by giving some working marketing tips and also suggest which software they should adopt. Though we always keep trying to reach all the marketers with our blogs who are in search of LinkedIn marketing still we would be appreciated if you give any feedback. You can also share your experiences after following our blogs and ask queries about LinkedDominator.


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