LinkedIn, like other social platforms, provides the ability to publish targeted ads with a self-service platform, which allows you to program, manage and target publicity. To create an ad with LinkedIn Ads is enough to have an account on the platform, where you have access to in order to proceed with the publication.

Features of LinkedIn Ads

The LinkedIn Ads are divided into those who create an advertisement and in those who serve to sponsor an update. The first allow to create an ad from scratch, aimed at promoting the company or service. The seconds are not much different from Promoted Facebook Post, as are designed to promote an update of status (such as sharing a link).


Each ad must have a landing page (internal or external to LinkedIn), a title (25 characters), a text (75 characters) and image (50 × 50 pixels, max 2Mb, not mandatory, but highly recommended). For each one you can create variations, to make the famous A/B testing lets you figure out which formula is successful and allows you to better exploit the economic investment made. It is important to remember that, as in every Ads campaign on the web, it is essential that the landing page (landing page) is consistent with the content of the ad. Simply put, if the landing was shown a page where you talk about advertising on Twitter is hardly the response he hoped for.

The target LinkedIn Ads


Advertising on LinkedIn ads can be targeted based on a wealth of information. From this point of view LinkedIn is great, being a social network aimed at finding business contacts, users are more willing to release truthful and accurate information about their work situation, their interests and other data that are used to create the target perfect. As you squeeze the target you will have an estimate of users potentially reached. In particular you can be set:

  • Qualification
  • Job Function
  • Geographic area
  • Sector
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Seniority
  • Age
  • Sex
  • LinkedIn group

LinkedIn Ads Statistics:


LinkedIn is widely used by digital marketers now because of its higher conversion rate and visibility. The statistics shown below points out the growing usage of LinkedIn Ads.

Costs of LinkedIn Ads

You can set a daily advertising budget through LinkedIn Ads, which is the maximum amount you want to invest every day and that can be modified over time. The payment options of the ads are CPC or CPM, or cost per click and cost per thousand (impressions). The most commonly chosen option is the first, or the payment is made each time a user clicks on the ad. For this type of payment you can set a maximum bid, which is the maximum price you wish to pay for each click.


The cost of each click is not fixed, as it depends on industry competition and the target, in other words every time you participate in an auction, the greater the range the greater the likelihood that the ad appears. The minimum cost by clicking on the LinkedIn Ads is $2, the minimum daily budget is $10.00 and for activation must pay $5.00.

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