Online networking is an enormously imperative tool for business owners, which not just help in the building business reputation but also help in widening the business network.

At present LinkedIn social media network is acting as a bridge between  the marketers and business professionals, with which people can easily improve their client base along with succeeding in their marketing campaigns. It is essential to comprehend that LinkedIn is not only a marketing channel which is supplying a way to have conversations with the business professionals but also help in improving the marketing strategies by creating LinkedIn groups and adding all desired clients, customers and marketing experts to the business network.

How to create groups in LinkedIn with multiple accounts?

LinkedDominator is an omnipotent tool which is specially developed to help the business owners in performing better in their social media marketing campaigns. This tool is embraced with several amazing features which not only allow you to add new LinkedIn connection by LinkedIn search & scraper option but also give a better approach towards creating LinkedIn groups and endorsing the LinkedIn profiles.

Exactly, how LinkedDominator help in creating LinkedIn groups with multiple accounts?

Here are the details:

With its several filters, you are able to create many numbers of LinkedIn profiles at a time.

Steps for creating LinkedIn groups:

1- At first you have to upload the text file which have the essential data about the features of the groups & feed that text file to the software.

2- After that you need to click on the create group button. This will proceed you towards creating a group which include the features which are specified by you.

3- A file is created inside a certain folder named as “LinkedIn Dominator”, which include “add your friends in your group” feature which will help you in adding your friends and clients or other targeted people.

Not only this the Group URL can also be uploaded in the software.

Note: The group URLs format must be

4- Then the software sends invitations to all your first connection to join your LinkedIn groups.

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