According to a survey conducted by B2B Magazine, LinkedIn is one of those social media network most used by the companies in their marketing strategies. Respondents were asked which of the means available today to be more integrated in the plans for communication and business promotion: as many as 26% of respondents indicated LinkedIn, followed by a 20% of Facebook , 19% of blogs , 14% of community of consumers, 13% Twitter and finally, 7%Youtube.

Worldwide, there are more than 100 million people who use LinkedIn and, only in the United States have over 107 million; the North America holds the distinction of users, followed by Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Oceania.

According to the survey, the most critical issues that still meet in using LinkedIn are related to the difficulty of defining and measuring the metrics and KPIs, as well as the lack of knowledge of the functioning of this social media and, finally, the strength of management.

What are the reasons for creating a Company LinkedIn Profile?

First, it is possible that many of the employees of a company already have a profile on LinkedIn, so that each user who consults the profile can click on the name of the company and navigate the page business and thereby increase its visibility. The company page will also speak detailed of its products, services and information of various kinds: it is, for example, can post the jobs and positions available in your company, notify newly launched product and so on.

LinkedIn for B2B marketing

A company profile created with care is also an indispensable tool for making lead generation with LinkedIn: two approaches are, on the one hand to the prospect who provides information about the company directly on LinkedIn, on the other those who start a conversation on LinkedIn but then hijacks the prospect of a landing page of your website. The first approach, more directed, makes sure you know your prospect, before interacting; in this case it is advisable to be handy and provide the prospect what it needs; with an indirect approach, however, you must create curiosity and invite the prospect to visit your landing page where you can download a white paper or subscribe to the Newsletter.

A great way to interact with potential customers in LinkedIn is Answers, not just when they posted questions, but also when you answer those posted by other users to generate discussion; to find groups related to the core business of your company, you can use the search engine, identifying all the professional community: you can also interact with groups belonging to an area of interest slightly different from their own.

Finally, LinkedIn groups: first, after a search, you can subscribe to the groups best suited to your business, paying attention to the competitors; once enrolled, you should not just post numerous content referred exclusively to its business, it is necessary to start discussions leading value to the group, ideas and knowledge. Once created content (polls, discussions, entire groups, etc.) that you think might be of interest to other nodes of your network, share them! Use Twitter, Facebook or even the same personal LinkedIn profile to increase your share and reach.

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