Are you having a healthy connection in LinkedIn profile? But still not able to drag much engagements? This is the only reason which makes your account look dull. It is the most common point because of which marketers fails in LinkedIn marketing. Don’t worry, you will not among those marketers as we will give a complete solution in this blog, to get a quick and adequate result.

We know as you are clocked in marketer, you don’t have waste much time by experimenting tricks and wait for a result. We would give the exact tools and services that can widen the connection and it will ultimately shower the followers engagements.

Heading towards the topic let’s see what are the tools that will act as a magic stick and in real how this tool works for your account. But before this, the marketer should know that instead of focusing individual LinkedIn followers it’s better to target directly in groups.

As a group is the place where you could site followers with like-minded and keeps interest in exploring things from that group. So it’s the easiest and efficient way to reach your news. It will save your time, get a quick result and also make your profit double.

Now your wait is over, we will reveal how our tool will work to make your group activities more engaging and perfect.


Invite new members to Group:

If you are planning to promote your brand via groups then you need to find those members who are interest related to your product and add them. Don’t worry, we know this process is lengthy and time consuming that’s why our tool will automate this process.

Invite Members

Let’s know how it works.
1. After selecting Group icon, go to “Invite Members”, where you can invite members to your groups in bulk.

2. You can directly send a request with emails to add them in groups.

3. Next in setting dialog box, you can schedule it mentioning the time duration. It will send a request seeing the active time of those users.

4. At last, after setting everything to click on invite members or to cancel it just click on stop.


Remove Groups:

No need to waste your effort and time by focusing on wrong groups just remove them and build an engaging account in LinkedIn. Try to eliminate those groups in which are not getting any signals from your account. Also, remove those groups in which you find opponents stalking your strategy. Of course, you can’t pick those blogs manually, this tool can do it.

Exit Group

Follow the steps to check how.

1. Select Group option, then go to “Exit Group” option.

2. Just below Groups dialog box, you can explore options like, select all means just in one click, able to eliminate all groups you have selected.

Next to it is pending groups, this will show you which group haven’t approved you to join in other groups.
The last one is an open group, by selecting it, it will give you those open groups’ details and select the one which is not helping you to drag much engagements.

3. By going to a setting option you can schedule this action too.

4. Lastly, you can start the action in submit box or even stop this action.


Winding up:

At last but not the least, every marketer should utilize the LinkedIn group facility in the most significantly. Because according to experts and statistics it’s found more venerable and versatile way to target audience which will ultimately flood up your account in engagements.

Make a note, using this tool only focus on group activities but it will get your unlimited result as in gain more followers, get true engagements, and convert them into loyal customers and finally, it will pile up marketers bank balance.

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