Every business person is wondering for the right employees who can prove to be beneficial for their company. This blog is especially focusing on the same.
Are you wondering on the heading that how could it be helpful? No worries, I would let you know how.
Let’s just not waste time and give a quick start up to the topic.



This tool has various features to generate leads for your company. But I would like to discuss on how could your generate employment and can increase your workers. Yes, for this I would like to drag your attention towards the scraper module.



LinkedIn Scraper

It has all those filters which you can get in the advanced search option.

LinkedIn Scraper

This module helps you for scraping profiles on LinkedIn. For this, you can choose the desired option as mentioned in the screenshot. If you wish to provide some inputs to your search then go for this option. As can go for the option of keyword or title or groups, industries, premium options or can opt for search by URL. Mentioning about the exported file name is mandatory. Then set the delay in seconds and click on start.

The next feature is about company employee scraper. This feature let you know about the employees’ details of any company. By using this feature, you are able to judge an employee with the abilities which you require for your company. You can offer them a choice to join your company with a higher salary. And of course, if you wish to invite the one who is already working in other company you have to show them the incentives to attract them. This is how you can generate employments.

Company Employee Scraper

Company SCompany Employee Scrapercraper

For doing this mention the Email Id, URL, also can mention the keyword then the country. Now set the delay in seconds and click on start.
The next feature is about the job scraper. This module is especially for the job seekers. The one who really wish to have a job can go for this module.

Job scraper

Job Scarper

For using this module you can just mention the URL set the delay time in seconds but here you have the limit that you are allowed to scrape profiles. When you are done click on start.

The next feature is about sales navigator. By this you can fetch the every data with various filters with this module.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator Scraper

For this module, you can go for various option as mentioned in the screenshot. Choose the option according to your demand set the delay in seconds and you are ready to scrape your data.

Once you are able to scrape the details of any employee you can have the option to message them personally. For this, you can take help of the message module. Once you had selected the employees you can place them in a group and can send message to all of them.


Send message to your connections

Message Module

It allows you to send messages to all the 1st connections. Not only this, you can send multiple messages to group members using tags. Here you don’t need to use spintax.

Final Words

These are some of the feature of LinkedDominator which can help you in finding right employees. Many a time businessperson wishes to hire the employees who have skills now it’s the good news for them. As you are able to scrape the details of various employees and can go with them to generate a successful business.
Hope now you are able to get into the bottom content of this blog. Share your views on the same in the below comment box. If you require having more ideas on other features of LinkedDominator can visit various blogs on that.

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