Want to use the LinkedIn Company Pages to its fullest?

Want to get a great exposure for your business in the professional community?

If you try, you can make your audience engage with you on LinkedIn through your Company Pages and establish credibility.

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Just go through the article to uncover the ways that can boost your LinkedIn company pages.


#1 Create Brand Recognition:

On your LinkedIn company Page, you have to be sure of two visuals. They are your company logo and the cover image. The logo is same wherever and whenever you use it. But, you can customize the cover / banner image as per the purpose you are using on LinkedIn or other places.

To brand your company, banner image plays a key role. It is better to use some graphic elements like colors, fonts and various designs. At the same time, add some variety in the visuals.

It is well recommended to add your business website URL and the contact number to the Banner image. This will gain the attention of the audience. Needless to add the logo as it will be appearing on the top of the banner. You can also add some tagline, hashtags or a call to action. These are the tricks to get engagement.

You can also use custom background images to better explain your story. You can edit these images by clicking on the edit button at the top right of the company page.

#2 Promote some special landing pages:

Sometimes, you need to drive your audience to some particular web pages of your website. So, it is better to display such URLs on the website column of your profile. If you keep your website URL on the banner image, you will have the flexibility to change the URLs in the profile.

#3 Talk to the prospects directly:

Sometimes, your audience, be they vendors or job seekers or potential users, might be impressed with your profile and might want to know about your more. You have to captivate them at the moment with your very next step.

To impress them more, it is well recommended to write some small description about your company in your own words that it seems like talking to them directly. Whereas, many people just copy and paste the about us section of their website. But, writing a description will build credibility with your targeted audience.

#4 Optimize your page for LinkedIn search:

For the optimization of your company page, it is well recommended to use some effective keywords on your page. You can add them in the Specialties Section of the page.


#5 Showcase your specialties:

If you have an important thing to air, you can use the showcase pages. These showcase pages are almost the sub pages of the company pages.you can use these pages as customer service pages, if you want to.

You can customize each showcase page according to the purpose you created them. You can mix up different visuals, sounds, colors and content as it required.


But do not do this for all the products. There are LinkedIn product pages available for this purpose. You can use them for all the products.

#6 Keep updating your company page status:

Generally, most of the people create the company pages and forget them later. But remember, a status update on LinkedIn is just like a facebook status update or a tweet on twitter. You can also post some creative visual content as your status update as you do on the other social networks.

The competition to get the attention of users on LinkedIn is a bit more. So, make sure that you are keeping your profile active, posting at least once a week. For better results, post for a few times a week.

On the other hand, you can automate this process with the use of some social media automation tools like LinkedDominator. So that, you can post on LinkedIn automatically whenever you post on other social media sites.

#7 Engage with the Community:

Once you create your company page, you have to maintain it properly. Responding to the comments and queries you got on your page is one of the important things you have to do. So, it is your responsibility to check out the notifications regularly.


You must give answers to the queries and replies to the comments of your users. This builds a trust and a strong relation between you and your users.


When you are maintaining a company page for your business, you have to let the world knows about it. For that, you can use the services of the LinkedIn sponsored pages and ads. Do not forget to place call to actions on your page profile.

You need to do all your part for the page getting popular. Because, LinkedIn is the only social media that can give you excellent opportunities for the growth of your business.


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