Are you an active member of LinkedIn?

Want to extend your connections on the professional network?

Wondering how to use the LinkedDominator tool to achieve success in marketing?

Come, let us know about the tool that can help you to reach your goals on the LinkedIn professional world.

Professional groups on the LinkedIn are the best way to achieve success on LinkedIn. So, in this article, let us discuss how we can use the third-party tool to create an extended network. LinkedDominator is the prominent tool you can use to make this. Over the 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn, you have to choose the professional groups that well suits you. You have to create your own group comprising all your targeted users.

As per LinkedIn, you can join 50 groups maximum. But, this is very difficult to find that many groups that are useful for you. Moreover, you cannot manage all the group activity with only two hands. This would be impossible, if there were no LinkedDominator.

#1 Find the relevant groups.

There are thousands of niches of the professionals. Thousands of groups are there for each niche. Among them all, you have to select the respective group of your niche. This takes a lot of patience for a manual search. But, you cannot spend that much time on search.

We need to go for the scraping techniques. LinkedDominator offers scraping features for you. Go to the LinkedIn scraper option under the Scraper menu. There you can search for the groups that are useful for you.

LinkedIn Scraper

You need to evaluate the quality of the groups that you want to join. You need to know the admins of the group and Check his profile. Check what the rules of the group are. Know what kind of stuff is discussed more in the group. Get the stats of the group like the number of the active users, how the discussions are going on etc.You can get most of the data automatically with the third-party tool.

#2 Create your own groups

You have to learn from the groups and apply to the groups. Means, you should learn how to organise a group. Because linkedin is a professional network where professionals exchange the knowledge. You have to build thought-building and knowledge sharing discussions in the group.

To run such a group, you need group members of your kind. To make such contacts, again you need the scraping techniques. You can scrape the emails ids of the targeted people and send invites to all of them at a time.

In LinkedDominator, you can have the Invite members to the group module will help you out.

Invite Members

#3 Come out from the groups that are good-to-nothing.

You have to keep your group activities up-to-date. To maintain a good LinkedIn profile, be the member of the groups only that are doing well. There are some groups that are good-to-nothing. Come out from such groups as early as possible.

On the other hand, regulate your groups as well. If you find a group unnecessary, remove those groups. Try to keep the number shorter. You can automate all these activities with the features that are presented in the LinkedDominator tool.

Exit Group

Groups menu contains this option too. You can remove multiple groups from all your accounts at a time.

Finally with all these practices, you can keep yourself active on LinkedIn. You can extend your connections because of the groups. This helps you in creating your own professional network.

Final word:

LinkedIn is powerful for growing your business and also to attract new clients and customers. so with the help of Linkeddominator tools you can gain terrific opportunity to be on the top of mind with customers, employees, industry people and partners.

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