LinkedIn is one of the most amazing social media platforms. The best thing about LinkedIn is that this is the only social media that has a professional touch associated with it. The popularity of this site is simply marvelous. This site not only provides career advancement but also has proved to be a great site for endorsing products.

People try various strategies to get popular on LinkedIn. One such strategy is creating groups. People often get spammed by LinkedIn while creating groups. Fortunately, if you are using LinkedDominator then it’s a good news for you. Here is a guide that will help you to create groups at LinkedIn without getting spammed.

Guide to Create Groups at LinkedIn Using LinkedDominator:
– The very first step is to click at option “ Create Groups” which you will get at the extreme left side of the screen.

– After clicking on the option, you will get a window as shown in the image below:

Invite Members

– Here you can see various options that need to be filled such as Logo, Group Name, Description, Summary, and Website.

– If you are willing to create more than one group then you have to upload logos for each and every group. You can make a folder and save icons for each group. And then directly paste that folder.

– The same is the case with Group Name, Description, Summary, and Website. You have to prepare different text files for different options. You need to put all the information in a specific pattern otherwise data may get interchanged.

– For description and summary, you need to save the information in a text file and it will be uploaded in the manner you have arranged. One thing you must keep in mind is that descriptions and summary of a group should be of a single line.

– Now you have to decide what kind group you want to create. Based on access and creating group, you will decide the type of group.

– At last you have to decide the language, Group Type and Group per Account options.

Now the moment you click on the option “ Create Group”, in a few moment your groups will be created.

Note: Here you get an option to invite your friends to join the groups. You can paste the URLs at the “Add your Friends in your Group” option and click the Send Invitation Option.

Note: Usually, LinkedIn allows just to create 50 groups from an account. But please make it sure that you don’t create more than 10 groups from an account in a day.

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