Nowadays, people are much reliable on social networking sites instead of knowing its drawbacks. Everybody knows that being addicted to Facebook, Twitter can be bad but what about professional sites like LinkedIn? If this is your question then let me tell you it’s your misconception.

LinkedIn can let you look like an amateur if you make LinkedIn mistakes. LinkedIn can enhance your business growth by its innumerable features. This social network is primarily centered around careers and it enables jobseeker to show up their talent and skill to recruiters. It also enables professionals to share content with other professionals including colleagues as well as potential business partners, employees and new employees.




LinkedIn can let you show your talents and skill but can also let you down if you are making some LinkedIn mistakes. Some common mistakes which you guys have probably done with LinkedIn are listed below.

1: Using LinkedIn profile without adding keywords

Relevant keywords can make others easy to find your LinkedIn profile. If you are not adding such relevant keywords then this would be your blunder mistake. Always optimize your LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords in all the section. Keep identifying such relevant term which are matches to your job or the job you are searching for.

Keywords can lead you to profile to get much traffic and boost your profile in search results. Recruiters, hiring managers and clients can see your profile easily if they search for the keywords you are using. If you do not have much idea about using keywords then take a look at the job posting in your industry and look for the words that are most frequently used in the descriptions.




2: Having fewer than 1000 connections

The connection is the one which can keep you updated with each and every news from the business industry. This is the place where people comes interacted socially. If you have fewer than 100 connections then get worried. You do not have to keep 5000 connections but at least 1000 connections.

For any business, relationship building is crucial for the growth. Networking is important for a businessman to be aware of the social news. The more people you connect on LinkedIn the more contact you will have which can expand your business to the large scale.




3: Not tied to any LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are a source to be in contact with other professionals. You can join up to 50 LinkedIn groups. Being in LinkedIn groups and contributing your discussion would not keep you interacting with other professionals but will also give you an opportunity to show off your expertise and build new connections.

You do not have to worry about selecting the groups to be attached with. LinkedIn will automatically suggest you groups as per your area of interests. You can also search LinkedIn groups by simply typing keywords.




4: Lengthy information or short information

Visitors are fond of attractive content on your profile. Avoid overwhelming your visitors with long sentences and too short content on your profile because this would be your first chance to impress them through LinkedIn.

Keep your resume as achievement based presentation with your updated portfolio. You can get much traffic to your website by adding links of your blog, website and other social media accounts.




Final Words:

These mentioned mistakes can be the cause of your failure. Keep remember that you are on a professional site where a single mistake can destroy your career. LinkedIn can let you be an achiever if you use it correctly.

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