You must have heard that dogs can possibly be man’s best friend, whereas diamonds can possibly be girl’s best friend but for an organization, customers are considered to be the best friend. So in order to increase business leads, organizations need to have customers.

Before 7 years, I owned a financial firm and aimed at drawing people mind to join my firm and use our services. We always want a new and smart ways to boost our exposure with our financial professionals, but initially, we couldn’t able to achieve it. Then we prepared a motto to reach the target audience and drive more engagement with an innovative and new mode.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is widely used by recruitment consultants to notice and approach applicants worldwide. But some of the savvy entrepreneurs get connected with the people, generate new leads and substantial income. Our team decided to use one LinkedIn marketing tool to carry out the marketing efficiently and improve sales lead generation. With this respect, we decided to use LinkedDominator to reach a number of people. Also, for B2B communication it is considered as a significant tool. I would feel happy to share my experience on “LinkedDominator” that makes sales prospecting smoother, faster and finally more profitable. With the use of LinkedDominator, my business leads increase to 81% within first 3 months.

In this blog, I will provide you with the techniques you can use for LinkedIn marketing and with the top features of LinkedDominator:

1] Don’t miss any opportunity to connect:

The principal thing I’d like to say any entrepreneur who’s ready to abandon fooling around regarding LinkedIn marketing is to investigate your contacts. Connections are the cash on LinkedIn. If your connections are overwhelmingly companions, family, and outdated buddies, you are very working to do.

You can also get connected automatically with the LinkedIn using connection module provided by LinkedDominator through keywords, email address, and respective profile URLs.

Add Connection

2] Generate sales without cold calling:

No one makes sales with cold calling. As a universal rule, they’re do something in futility and feel as if striking the head against a block divider. Nowadays, there truthfully is next to zero motives for going obsessed by any call completely cold.

3] A smarter way to search users:

LinkedIn has an awesome way to search users. With their propelled look you can discover individuals by title, organization, area or keyword. We did this with the help of scraper module provided by LinkedDominator. It has four categories LinkedIn scraper, Company employee scraper, Job scraper and Scrape group members. It helps us to approach new audiences in the LinkedIn world.

LinkedIn Scraper

4] Create and Schedule Content:

Sometimes content you shared in LinkedIn get ignored even if you provide great influential content. You need to create content that will attract your audience and present you as a thought leader. Most of the content of our firm is based on the changes in our industry, new trends and take a stand point of view.

After this, we scheduled our messages by message module in the LinkedDominator. It is a great feature that helps to compose your message and send to the group members as classified by you. Through this feature, we remain active among your group members and finally it helps to escalate sales prospecting effectively.

Message Module

If LinkedIn won’t create the sale for you, by utilizing it cleverly with LinkedDominator marketing tool you can pick up an unmistakable preferred standpoint over your competitors. It gives you a significant edge that can decipher into enhanced sales execution.

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