Before going to the endorsement, I need to clear the difference between  endorsement and recommendation. Many of the cases, people think they are alternatives, but in reality they are the different sides of a coin. While, recommendation imply the social connection, endorsement shows your capability.

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I am sure that you must have noticed that many of the LinkedIn users are endorsing skills that are not at all useful for them. Instead of advertising the efficiency of the person, it can show a negative impact. In order to avoid such scenario, you need to be careful regarding what to endorse and what not to.

What is the factor which is making it essential to manage the LinkedIn endorsements?

The reason which causes the development of  LinkedIn endorsement is to supply networking opportunity to people and the required reliability. With the LinkedIn endorsement option, you can endorse your skills. Sometimes, it is notified when anyone is endorsing you and sometimes not. Your friends or colleagues on any LinkedIn user can endorse you, hence if they are endorsing the inappropriate skills of yours then that is a complete loss for you.

So, here are the 4 steps you need to follow to get your best skills endorsed:

1- Add prominent skills to your LinkedIn profile:

The skills category of LinkedIn allow you to select up to 50 skills, hence you need to assign the best 50 key skills of yours. The key skills which are present on the top 10 are endorsed, hence it is important to add the best 10 skills first, other 40 skills are listed under the 10 key skills

2- Manage your key skills with manage endorsements option:

manage your key skills

Manage endorsements option enable you to view who are endorsing you and according to that you can hide any of the endorsement, which you think unnecessary. This option allows you to at a time hide all of the endorsement or show all the endorsement. You can also hide the endorsement one by one.

3) Use networking for endorsement of your skills:

LinkedIn social media network encourage people to improve their business network. Hence, you can use it for requesting the targeted people to endorse your skills. You can specify the skills which you need to endorse. It is essential to mention the skills precisely, as any uncertainty may lead towards endorsement of unnecessary skills. The next thing is that you also have to endorse their skills as they are endorsing yours.

4) How can you manage LinkedIn endorsement with LinkedIn management tool?

LinkedIn campaign management tool LinkedDominator has introduced a great approach for endorsing the LinkedIn profiles. It’s endorse profile feature enable you to do the endorsement of LinkedIn profiles. This software allows you to upload the email or user id whose profile you need to endorse. You can select the numbers of profiles along with the number of skills and the best part is that there is no limitation over the number of profiles and skills. Also, you can set the delay time between endorsement of profiles along with the number of threads.

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