Connections, the word’s length is not too much but its meaning is. If you have connections, you are the richest one in the online world and also if you make proper use of your skills to get connected, then it’s awesome. For the one who are new to this online marketing world the word connections, plays a vital role for their uplift.

Well, this blog will make your issue get nullified. I am going to suggest you some of the tips how you can enhance your business with your connections. For this, I would like to suggest you about the advanced search feature of LinkedIn.

Advance Search Feature of LinkedIn

Advance Search Feature of LinkedIn

This is the feature of LinkedIn which can help you in getting connected with the people. As you can see the feature is named as the advanced people search then obviously there might be some advanced option for making your search easy. Yes, you are able to make a search by using the keywords. If you want to make use of the filters you are having the options. Like if you want to make connections with the person who is your first connection then you can choose them. If you want to search people of your first connection’s connection then can go for the option second connection or if you need to add the people of which are one of the members of a group you are in, then you also have the option that is group members. If you want a new connection from the particular field then choose the appropriate filter and go for the option 3rd + option.

For doing this you can take help of various tools but I can suggest you for LinkedDominator.

So are you ready for the same? Then let’s get started.

Introduction to the Features

The first one which I can suggest you is about the Add Connections

Add Connections

Add Connection

The next feature is about withdrawing a connection request.

Withdraw Connection

Withdraw Request

The last feature is about export connection.


These were some of the features which can help you in generating connections. Hope you are able to make a good use of this feature and can generate good leads for your business. If you wish to have some more information on the features of LinkedDominator to generate leads then can for sure go through the blog of LinkedDominator. Blogs will for surely give you the idea to come up with good connections.

Mention about your experience in the below comment box also feels fra good leadt as so that we can come up with the quality blogs.

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