In this article learn how proper marketing strategy with LinkedIn, can help you achieve and get more customers.

This is a post to explain to people why an adequate presence on LinkedIn is the best thing that can happen to a professional network. Today companies are taking more and more interest in LinkedIn along with professionals, bloggers, and experts in internet marketing, social media strategist and marketer in general.

Perhaps due to the economic crisis or the high levels of competition that occur in almost every sector, more and more people overlook this social character distinctly professional, to generate traffic to their sites, increase contacts and build relationships with important key people within client companies.

Why should you be found on LinkedIn?

If you still do not know, today LinkedIn is a real highway to success of any business, especially online.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network existing in the world today.

When we speak of “professional social network” i mean a site similar to Facebook, where people sign up with the sole intent to “do business” with each other.

Unlike twitter and Facebook where users sign up with a purpose less structured and more related to the needs of communication and entertainment, LinkedIn is a true virtual marketplace, where people sign up to present their professional activities and skills.

The LinkedIn numbers is growing at a rate of over 1 million subscribers per week. 56% of members residing outside the United States.

The network of LinkedIn in January 2009 had about 30 million registered users, who, in May of 2010, increased twice reaching over 68 million; while in November 2011, it was already present in over 200 countries, surpassing the 135 million users worldwide.

These are official figures that are published on Wikipedia and on the official website of LinkedIn. the boom of users registered in this social network last year is certainly due to the economic crisis that is gripping and makes workers more insecure increasing their propensity to look for opportunities. But that’s not all. LinkedIn people meet to “do business”! And meet the people who really matter in companies.

Over 20% of users are executives of medium, large and multinational companies. More than 60% are people who have a direct influence on key decisions of the company regarding the purchase of products or services. The most interesting thing, at this time of LinkedIn is that in spite of what this network can grow the business and career opportunities of its participants, its real potential still remain completely unknown to most of its users.

Tips to best use LinkedIn

1. Plan your profile according to your ideal client

The first thing people do when they sign up to LinkedIn is to create a profile.

Since the platform requires you to enter your work experience, academic qualifications, training courses etc. it is often tempting to make your own profile equal to a curriculum vitae. Try to resist this temptation and should remember that participate in the network is like attending a business meeting.

At first contact, potential customers will enjoy to see a huge list of work experience and a list of companies for which you worked. And as if it participates in a business meeting with your resume in hand.

And ‘the most useful and appropriate is to write the efficient introduction, which gives a summary of your “brand” and the services offered.

This way, you do understand your potential customers as you can be useful, what problems you can solve and what results you can help them achieve.

Next, if your potential customer will wish and time to deepen, you can always write a little ‘more in detail what you do and say something more of your past experiences.

2. Make connections

LinkedIn works through connections. LinkedIn allows you to communicate with people who are interconnected with you to the third degree of separation. This social network is a powerful tool to find new clients and business partners, both through the use of the search function or through relationships with your connections.

More direct (first degree of separation) have, the more opportunities may arise for you. So it is appropriate that you create as many direct connections with people that you know. Business opportunities that will open for you, grow in direct proportion to the number of contacts you have.

You can increase the value of the network, not only so increasing the number of connections, but also deepening the relationship with them (knowing more about the people, helping them, etc.).

On LinkedIn you can implement two strategies to connect to other people:

The first strategy, which we call “open network”, focuses on the growth of the size of its network of connections. It consists of accepting connection requests from the largest possible number of people. The advantage is increasing the chances of finding a contact useful as potential customers or business partners in specific businesses or geographic areas or job titles details.

The other strategy, which we call the “reliable partner”, is to have less but deeper connections. In this way you connect only to people who you know and you trust. With this strategy you have less chance of finding a contact through a search because you are under connections.

3. Join groups on LinkedIn to interact and get contacts

LinkedIn groups are essentially discussion forum divided by specific interests. They allow you find the latest news, and join discussions on topics of interest. My advice is to join groups interesting as per your profession, groups where you can meet potential customers.

This also applies to the question and answer section of LinkedIn. Respond in a meaningful way or ask pertinent questions will lead over time to build your reputation.

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